Wednesday, March 23, 2016

At Least Heritage is Still Good: 2016 Hanger Box Break

2016 Topps flagship is one of the most underwhelming Topps sets since I got into the hobby. I picked up a rack pack today, and didn't even get any joy out of that. It's more out of civic duty than actually wanting the cards...which is definitely a problem.

Good news is Heritage is also out, and it's bringing back the vibes of the 1967 set, which is always a nice one to look at through the dealer's windows. Topps did manage to transplant that same beauty, graininess and EFFORT into heritage, thankfully. Here's a hanger box of the 2016 version of the timeless product:

303- David Murphy. I believe Murph's signed a minor league deal back with Boston. Hopefully they can use him in some way, despite their influx of young outfielders.
118- Giovany Urshela. Welcome to the 'trapped behind Juan Uribe' club, youngster.
91- Jackie Bradley Jr. One of the influx of Boston outfielders blocking Murph. This one might be starting this year.
363- Brewers team card, The team cards act as checklists...not of the team, but a piece of the whole set checklist, which I'm not 100% behind.
200- Hunter Pence. Screw it, I'm happy again. It's not everyday that one of your favorite players gets a hero number.
37- Santiago Casilla. Not sure if he'll be closing in '16, though.
117- James Loney. Great picture, btw.
352- Angels team card.
63- Piscotty and Carpenter- CARDINALS CLUBBERS! I love the return of these subtitled duo cards.
120- Billy Hamilton, who needs to step up and stay healthy if he wants to be a legitimate threat to Rickey Henderson's throne.
217- JP Howell.
158- Yovani Gallardo, now pitching for Baltimore.
380- Phil Hughes. Love that he's become such an ace for the Twins
121- Carlos Carrasco. Man, the Phillies wish they hadn't have traded Carlos away. Dude's been pretty amazing as of late.
215- John Jaso, professional spare part
320- Madison Bumgarner, great player with an inspired pose.
70- KRIS BRYANT. I've seen him up close. He's definitely for real.
443- Yu Darvish. Starting out injured this season, but probably will come back with a vengeance.
New Age Performers of Lorenzo Cain. Hell of a choice for one, too.
389- Jeff Samardzija, photoshopped into a Giants uniform.
188- nL Rookies. Haven't heard of either.
97- Carlos Beltran. Dude's 8 away from 400 home runs, he's 57 away from 1500 RBIs, and 46 away from 2500 hits. I think he's a Hall of Famer, and hopefully the sportswriters will agree with me.
52- Jason Hammel. When a guy who had a 3.74 ERA last year is your #4 starter, you're doing things pretty damn right.
424- Domonic Brown. Ah, boo hoo.
391- Mike Fiers, who'll be the #5 man for Houston, which is pretty nice.
423- Pence & Belt- FENCE BUSTERS. Love this one too.
223- Mike Zunino. Nice try, though.
281- Anthony DeSclafani. This guy's supposed to be the #1 starter in Cincinnati this year. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
313- Seth Smith. Glad to hear he's still doing well.
96- Blake Swihart
285- Mike Leake. I forget where he signed, but I don't think he's back with the Giants this year.
199- Shawn Tolleson, new and improved Arlington closer.
59- Kyle Hendricks. 5th starter for Chicago, and still a pretty nice choice.
12- Andre Ethier. Juuust landed on the DL.
405- Adrian Beltre, another guy who might be a Hall of Famer someday. Maybe.

Great product, with cool photography and fits in well with the original.

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