Monday, February 6, 2017

Two Rack Packs of 2017 Topps: It's About Damn Time

It took me a week to actually get a free day to go to the local shopping center and make a run to Target. This time, I went under the guise of needing a prescription filled....which I did. As I rounded the registers to the aisle of baseball cards...disappointment mounted.

Not a single ounce of 2017 Topps in the aisle? An entire row of leftover boxes of 2016 Allen and Ginter met me instead. Distraught, I left the store.

If I didn't get any Topps at Target, you're probably wondering why I'm writing this post. The shopping center I went to also has a Toys R Us. And THEY decided to stock up on 2017 flagship. They had tons of it! So, I managed to grab two hanger boxes, and two rack packs of Topps. Today, I'll open the rack packs.

Pack #1-
My first Topps card of 2017 is...
300- Arodys Vizcaino.
...Okay. Okay. FIRST OF ALL.
#300 is usually reserved for some semblance of star player, or someone with legitimate relevancy in terms of the previous release year. Arodys Vizcaino is a journeyman reliever who saved ten games with the Braves last year, and who SHOULD NOT be card #300 in Topps.
Right...right. I should keep going.
27- Kurt Suzuki. First of all, yes, I do like the design of the backs. I also like the fact that the photography is more zoomed out and less formulaic this year. The design is slightly intrusive...but not as bad as 2016's.
219- Joe Musgrove.
245- Jackie Bradley Jr. Okay, I should also go over the other obvious part of this set- Topps made a HUGE mistake in lopping off their career stats on the back, in favor of social media links. One of these details is timeless, the other is a current distraction. If their priorities are in the wrong place, the question arises of whether or not they actually want to keep making cards.
121- Aaron Hicks. First Yankees. Yes, it's Hicks, but still...
21- Robert Gsellman. Not sure if he'll be as good in the Mets' rotation this year, but it'd be nice.
2- Jason Hammel. As of today, Hammel's gone to Kansas City.
66- Aaron Altherr. One of my favorite up-and-coming Phillies prospects, but with the additions of Chris Coghlan and Howie Kendrick, I'm not sure if he'll get a ton of playing time.
297- Anthony DeScalfani
55- Mark Trumbo Leaders. Breaking up the Leaders cards is a wise idea, but leads to more dupes than I would have hoped.
81- DJ LeMahieu Leaders
270- Jake Arrieta Leaders
159- Justin Verlander Leaders. According to Kate Upton, the 2016 Cy Young.
195- Edwin Encarnacion Leaders
212- Tanner Roark. Roark's been going on an off-year-good-year pattern, and hopefully for 2017 he breaks it.
25- Giancarlo Stanton, although a SHINY version.
5 Tool Insert of Yoan Moncada...already a White Sock, and an odd inclusion in said insert set.
1987 Topps Luis Severino. Yeah, his inclusion isn't much better, but I can't deny a Yankee.
Award Winners insert of Zach Britton. These look more like a badly-made Panini set.
i'm not even gonna talk about the Rediscover Topps insert. Those are just pitiful.
225- Wade Davis, now on the Cubs.
250- Sean Rodriguez, now on the Braves. Again, odd choice for a hero number.
280- Adrian Beltre. Sometimes I forget how truly great this guy is.
141- Orioles TC
320- D-Backs TC
37- Uuuugh...Blue Jays TC
206- Cubs WS- The actual act of them winning said World Series...which is nice.
312- Brandon Guyer, thankfully sticking with the indians.
22- Keone Kela
15- Braden Shipley
73- KYLE SCHWARBER. Nice to see him get a normal-looking base card.
129- Adonis Garcia
114- Colin Rea
185- Raisel Iglesias, who...still hasn't really done much since his rookie year.
307- Zach Duke, who...somehow is still playing.
33- Carson Fulmer.
259- Taijuan Walker, now on the D-Backs.

One other observation before Pack 2: No 'Future Stars' this year. This is a pretty nice touch.

Pack 2-
108- Nick Hundley.
268- Anthony Gose. Not sure if the Tigers have any use for him anymore.
330- Doug Fister. I forget if someone's signed him or not.
100- Nate Jones. No. Nate Jones should not be card #100. Topps is caring about things...but not all of the right ones.
58- Starling Marte, in a pretty nice static photo from this set.
64- Adam Eaton, in what might be his last great action shot as a White Sox.
88- Freddy Galvis. Somehow I'm glad he's still a starter.
130- Dustin Pedroia. I'm pretty confident he can lead the Sox this year.
48- Brian McCann, now on the Astros.
143- Nick Noonan. First 'who?' of the rip.
246- Hunter Strickland
210- Yoan Moncada rookie. Again, should be a White Sock.
214- Jose Altuve Leaders
257- Corey Kluber Leaders
144- Jon Lester Leaders
202- Masahiro Tanaka Leaders. So at least I got something out of it.
Father's Day insert of Todd Frazier.
First Pitch of Leslie Jordan...not Tracy Morgan, just the famed actor and gay activist. In DC, no less. Nice, I guess.
Award Winners 'insert' of Rick Porcello.
350- David Ortiz. Alright, at least Papi gets a Hero Number...although I WISH IT HAD CAREER STATS OR SOMETHING. Still, nice enough card.
6- Kevin Pillar
340- Aaron Nola, who is definitely due for a comeback season...please.
61- Xander Bogaerts. Man, Boston is just jacked this decade..
65- Madison Bumgarner.
103- Alex Reyes
174- Phillies Team Card.
67- Teoscar Hernandez, who had a nice enough rookie year.
92- Derek Norris, now catching in Washington.
269- Jose DeLeon
294- Kole Calhoun
7- GARY SANCHEZ. Alright, now I'm pretty happy.
134- CHASE UTLEY. Again, relatively happy.
176- Jaime Garcia, now on the Braves.
23- Marcell Ozuna, in a great batter's box shot.
147- Hector Neris.
240- Mike Aviles.

Still, some pretty nice stuff. Will open the Hanger Boxes tomorrow.

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