Sunday, March 11, 2018

Local Card Show 3/10: They'll Put Anything in a Dime Box These Days...

This is my last semester of college, and it's the last time I'll be in the general vicinity of the White Plains Sports and Memorabilia show. So I figured I'd head back there, sort things out, have a good time. And I did.

As usual, I steered towards the dime bins rather than going towards vintage or any of that stuff, and there was a nice assortment of 10 cent bins all around the venue, ranging from recent stuff to the general amount of 90s/junkwax fodder. So I chose wisely, and looked for stuff that had evaded me, like this very fun 1995 UD shot of Wade Boggs in New York. Can't really go wrong there.

90s/00s Stuff: 

There's something about 1995 Fleer Emotion that just strikes me every time I see it. Maybe it's the wide zoom. Maybe it's the clear filter. Maybe it's the minimalistic design and BIG TEXT. I didn't have this one of Barry Larkin, so I nabbed it in a particular dime box that had some 90s stuff in it.

 These were some pieces of proof that Topps was doing pretty well in the late-90s. The sideways shots could be pretty dynamic, even with Frank Thomas only taking up a good 1/3 of the middle card (reminiscent of a 70s Topps card)

 Didn't have these 3 from 1998 Topps, so I threw them in, even if they're all pretty iconic players...and now all of them are in the Hall of Fame. How about that?

More 96-97s. The Mo and Pettitte are early career releases, the Rickey is from his short-lived stint in San Diego, and the Griffey is proof that the Kid's Topps cards are very elusive...mostly because they're rarely ever in 10 cent bins.

 Some 2007 Turkey Reds, because that set's a nice one. Highlights include an Andrew Miller rookie and a Chien-Ming Wang card.

 One brand that I hadn't accumulated much from was the 1990s Topps Archives reproductions, sets that reimagined 50s Tops sets with players and shots that didn't originally make the cut, in glossy fashion. I nabbed a Hoy Wilhelm, because how often do you find Hoyt cards?

 A few 54 reproductions. The Ashburn stands out, solely because I'm glad that Topps paid tribute to him more and more.

Annnnd here's a crap-ton of 53s. There's a smattering of reprints mixed with mockups of cards that should have been, like most of the bottom row, which look odd but are still welcome.

 Also, and this is a rarity for 10-cent bins these days, but 2005 TOPPS! YOU NEVER SEE ANYTHING FROM 2005 IN ANY BINS ANYMORE! Here are two of the top rookies from the set, both for a dime.

 Incredibly Recent Needs:

I know it hasn't worked as well this year, but the 1987 Topps subset worked really well last year, with the grain, card-stock and design all feeling right. I figured this Ian Desmond would be a nice get, along with several other recent sets that wound up in these bins.

 Yes, there was some recent Stadium Club, because of course there was. The Molina photo was new to me, and I really enjoyed it.

 And some 2017s, complete with a VERY NICE Warren Spahn, and an even cooler Trea Turner. I don't remember much about the 2018 design, but I remember being very minimalistic, and I'm not sure how much I dig it yet.

Some 2017 Gallery, which...was alright, I think. It could have been a lot worse. Some guys I collect, plus some rookies, including probable Marlins outfield starter Lewis Brinson.

 Some 2010/12 Update base cards that I somehow did not have. The Arrieta's a great one nowadays, as is the Reddick. The Beltre...I don't know how I didn't have that one yet.

 More cards of Pat Neshek as a Phillie are always welcome, especially since he's back in Philly this year.

A few of these inserts were mixed in with the base cards of 2017/18 Topps that you're gonna see later, but I don't blame these guys for not knowing the difference.

 Some Gypsy Queen inserts, literally my favorite part of that product.  Donaldson! Iglesias! Rizzo! Ortiz! All your favorites!

 I NEEDED ALL OF THESE CARDS FOR MY ARCHIVES SET-BUILDING. Most are from the 2016 set, but there's 4 in here from the 2012 set. That honestly leaves just 2 or 3 base cards and a shit-ton of short prints for 2012.

 There was a specific dealer that had a bunch of 2017 Update. Since I didn't buy a ton of packs of that one (on account of Topps not including traded players), this helped a ton, as it gave a ton of the really fun ASG photography.


 Players traded in the pre-season that didn't make it into flagship. Nicely rectified. Though Maybin was already in Houston when this was released.

This was the sharpest find. Yes, it's a St. Louis Cardinal, and that alone is bad, but this is a short print of Luke Weaver's S2 Rookie Card...and it made its way into Update...and it MADE ITS WAY INTO A DIME BOX. SO I get a pricy-ass SP for 10 cents as well.

There was also a bunch of 2017 Heritage, which I hadn't extensively bought, which was a nice touch. I love the fact that literally none of these people are currently employed by the team that they're pictured with. Literally none. Not even Bartolo Colon. He's in friggin Texas right now.

2018 Stuff:

Yeah. This is what we've got. Piles and piles and piles of 2018 products, because ALL OF THIS WAS IN THESE DIME BOXES. One specific one, to be honest, just had 2018 Heritage. And not just commons. LEGITIMATE STAR CARDS, TOO. Posey. Kershaw. Sale. Actual people that guys spend money on were in this box for 10 cents. The world has gone MAD!

 Yankees and Phillies first. The Frazier is sadly a time capsule now, while the Tanaka is a legitimately great card.

 Really nice photos here. Throwbacks, stadium lights, dramatic shots, and Brandon Phillips in an Angels uniform.

Annnnd awesome sideways shots. The D'Arnaud is a legitimately amazing photograph. I'm glad Topps used it. Same with the Hosmer.

 As for the Heritage, we once again start with the Yankees and Phillies. Lots of really good shit here. Yes, a lot of posed shots, but that was 1969 Topps for ya.

 All players I collect. Thames' beard is nice, as is Cespedes' bat and Pence's smile.

 A final tribute for Carlos Beltran, which is awfully nice of Topps.

 PLAYERS IN UNIFORMS THEY HAVEN'T EVEN WORN YET. Of all of these, Dee Gordon's is the best photoshop job. Kinsler's is the worst, though, to be fair, it is very, very hard to airbrush in red coloring.

 ALL OF THESE ARE NEW UNIFORMS AS OF JULY 2017. All people that were traded that didn't get Update Series cards. Only Verlander, Vogt, Upton, Kendrick, Doolittle and Quintana are still with these teams.

Annnnd the two more important grabs. Sonny Gray in pinstripes, and a look at Pat Neshek's short-lived tenure in Denver.


This is...legitimately Michael Fulmer's rookie card. It is very legit, very cool, and I got it for 10 cents. It's from 2011 Bowman, and it's a zero-year card because Fulmer didn't get to play for the Mets before being traded for Yoenis Cespedes. It's a great card, and the first of many Bowman rookies I found at one specific dealer's table.

 ALL OF THESE. LEGIT ROOKIES, ALL OF THESE. Almora's even an XRC because he was a team USA guy. But LeMahieu and Arenado's rookies were in this box, from 2010 Bowman. Good shit.

 As an added bonus, a rookie card of one of the best third baseman in baseball...then a catcher. 10 cents for Donaldson rookie. Either prospecting has gone down or Donaldson's stock has.

 These are all from 2014 Bowman: Jesse Winker, Lewis Brinson, Lucas Giolito, Byron Buxton, Josh Bell, Luke Weaver, Christian Arroyo. AKA pretty much every great rookie prospect from last year.

 ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE CURRENTLY PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES. Williams, Crawford and Alfaro are all probably going to be starting this year. Ben Lively has a spot in the rotation. Only Crawford actually originated in the team's farm system- Williams and Alfaro were snagged for Cole Hamels, while Lively was snagged for Marlon Byrd.
 And here are some Yankee rookies. Gumby had a great rookie year last year, while Frazier had a great come-up, before his pre-2018 concussion.

 As an added bonus, 2017 Bowman stuff. None of these people have played an MLB game yet, though Ryan McMahon will be playing one next month, probably right before Scott Kingery does. Jason Groome's a local prospect, and Dillon Tate had a great season in the minors.

And, as an added bonus, a card of Gleyber Torres from Spring Training. Can't get much better than that, especially if he lives up to the hype.

Overall...not a bad card show, and not a bad way of signing off my cardshow-based tenure in the White Plains general area.


  1. Great stuff! Especially love the Arenado and Donaldson rookie cards.

    1. I second that, and also love those '53 and '54 reprints!