Friday, July 31, 2009

And that is all

No more trades

This has been a surpisingly subtle day for the Yankees. Usually they're getting the good players at this point.

So to recap-

Victor Martinez the Red Soc (Once again, I apologize to my Indians fanatic of a friend)
Orlando Cabrera the Twin
Jarrod Washburn the Tiger
Adam LaRoche once again a Brave
Scott Rolen maybe the Red

And Halladay is sitting in his locker room, thanking God that he stayed in Canada.

And as the Paul McCartney music continues to play and as the rain starts to come down in New Jersey, I ask myself-

What have we learned?

  • Always count on Boston to get the players they don't need, but still could be cool in Red and navy blue.
  • Always count on Pittsburgh to lose everyone except the LaRoche that must be freed.
  • The Indians must once again lose a veteran or two and then realize that they have hope in their rookies.
  • Stars will get thrown around.

And to quote Paul McCartney- "There is no end to what we've done together, but we can do it"

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