Friday, July 17, 2009

Junk Wax Break

I found 2 Five dollar cartons of cards at Five Below. You know me. Any chance to get cards I take it, but this break has more of a chance of crap than anything I will ever buy. I will only tell you of the good stuff

Knowing that, let's rip

Curt Schilling 2002 Gallery. Nice start
1988 Donruss Rich Gossage. GOOOOOSE!
1983 Donruss Diamond Kings of Bill Buckner. Hero of the Yankeeverse for betraying his teammates and making the best blooper there ever will be.
1993 UD Travis Fryman. Travis is painted right next to a Tiger. Afterward, the Tiger ate his career.
1990 Fleer Don Mattingly. WOOOOO
1991 Score Rickey Henderson. Rickey is pictured on the A's.
2000 Stadium Club of Rafael Pamiero. Awesome
Donruss 1987 Doc Gooden. Back when he was still a good player
1994 Donruss Dean Palmer
1986 Donruss Pete Rose record breaker.
HOLY CRAP! Cal Ripken 1983 Donruss. Damn close to his rookie.
1997 Donruss Insert Frank Thomas. BIG HURT!
2001 Fleer Showcase Omar Vizquel. Nice player
2002 EX Steve Finley. Guilty Pleasure of a series.
2002 Fleer Premium Adrian Beltre. Back when he was a Dodger
1990 Fleer Ozzie Guillen.
1990 Fleer Mark Grace
1987 Topps Don Baylor. Epic Fayl
1996 Topps Larry Walker. Awesome!
1996 Topps Ryne Sandberg. Awesomer
1991 Topps Frank Viola All Star. On the Mets
1996 Topps Andres Galaraga.
1993 Score Mark Grace Insert.
1995 Donruss Dennis Martinez.
1991 Topps Lou Whitaker
1995 Pacific Raul Modesi
1995 Pacific Matt Williams
1999 Prism Todd Helton
1997 Pacific Garret Anderson
1990 Leaf Harold Baines
1988 Score Frank Viola. Sweet Music.
1990 Bowman Dave Parker
1993 Topps Kevin Brown
1993 SP Don Mattingly.
2000 MVP Richie Sexson. Let's not talk about Sexson.
1992 UD Eddie Murray 400 Club card. This card looks really cool.

They also gave me 2 packs of 1992 Studio. Pack 1 gave me another Matt Williams, a Doc Gooden, A NOLAN RYAN, Dale Murphy on the Phillies and Mark McGwire pre roid use. In pack 2 I got Baines on the A's, A heritage series insert of my man Mattingly, Andre Dawson, and Mo Dawg Vaughn

Onto crapfest #2

1993 UD Mike Mussina
1992 Pinnacle Jim Thome, and OH CRAP, IT'S HIS ROOKIE!
1986 Topps TBTC Roger Maris
1986 Topps Doc Gooden
1990 UD Don Baylor
1987 Fleer Doc Gooden
1993 Bowman Kirby Puckett
2001 Fleer Authority Jeff Bagwell
2001 Fleer Authority Juan Gonzalez. On the Indians
2001 Topps Golden Moments David Wells. YEEAAHHH!
2003 Donruss Jeff Conine.
2001 Topps Mariano Rivera
2003 UD Patch Jason Giambi
2004 UD Greg Maddux
1990 Topps All Star Ken Griffey
Minor League Card of JD drew
Minor league card of Trot Nixon. Woop-de-fricken-doo!
1998 Fleer Tony Gwynn. THE GWYNN KEEPS COMING!
1989 Topps Ron Guidry
1988 Donruss David Wells
1997 Topps Harold Baines
1996 Pacific Ryan Klesko
1994 Leaf Ryan Klesko. The Kleskathon rolls on!
1996 Pinnacle Kenny Lofton
1988 Fleer Gary Carter
1991 Score Fred McGriff Insert.
2000 SP Authentic Jermaine Dye
2002 Ovation JD Drew.
1995 Pinnacle Jose Valentin
1999 UD Mark McGwire 70 insert

There were two packs of 1987 Topps in there, but I already have enough of the stuff, so traded it will be.

Well, that's it. I got so much crap out of that, but I ask myself...why did I buy it. Because in about a month, I will be going off to Lake George New York, where there's a card shop with even better mix packs.

So I did this to warn you...

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