Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Golden Giveaway Codes: Yes, I'm really doing this

The general consensus on the Topps Golden Giveaway promotion is that it's been done twice before, and that it's gotten old. So? It's still kinda stale, but I'm still gonna go through with it. I don't plan on winning anything...but I just plan on getting something. So here, for the entire uninterested blogosphere to see, are my first few codes.

Code #1- Ryan Braun:
What I got- Frank Robinson HOF coin. Not bad for the first code.

Code #2- Troy Tulowitski:
What I got: Milwaukee Brewers coin. Ehhh...they made the playoffs.

Code #3- Troy Tulowitski again:
What I got: Tim Lincecum coin. Pretty nice.

Code #4- Willie Mays:
What I got: Dodgers coin. Nice.

Code #5- Sandy Koufax:
What I got: Adrian Gonzalez coin. Okay.

I'll probably keep following this thing. It's not as good as the original giveaway, but it's still pretty nice.


  1. hey jordan - what are the coins? are they real? or virtual?

  2. Virtual. They're from the new Golden Giveaway site. They're not sending us the coins...just the swag we win from piling them up on the site.