Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 Upper Deck 4 Pack Extravanganza

I got 4 packs of what seems like the product to get this spring- Upper Deck. Looking for gimmicks, but I don't know what I'll find.

Let's rip.

Pack 1-

46- Josh Beckett. Good player, but BOOOOOOOOO!
11- Max Scherzer. He looks like a decent pitcher for the D-Backs.
39- Jay Payton. I don't know if he's still on the O's, but it would be nice.
74- Jon Leiber. Meh.
147- Dan Uggla. I have been getting a lot of Ugg's lately, and I don't mean boots.
140- Joel Zumaya. Nice closer for Detroit.
161- Brandon Backe. Pain in the Brandon Asse.
126- Miguel Cabrera. One of the best young players right now.
438- Padres Team Leaders- the same one I got two weeks ago. Sigh...
Starquest Derek Jeter Gold Rare. Heh, someone traded me this one a few weeks back. Tomorrow I'll give it back.
492- Grady Sizemore Checklist. An all around great card ruined by the fact that the checklists are on actual cards.
416- Dexter Fowler. I saw this guy play a the Futures Game Last Year, and he looks red hot.
231- Kevin Slowey? Who?
214- Ryan Braun. He doesn't look as lazy as he did on his Topps card, but still, the next big thing for Thorzul to brag about.
248- Moises Alou. He's okay, but he's not in my book.
303- Nate McLouth. He's a great player.
388- Vernon Wells. Awesome Outfielder from Le Blue Jays.

Pack 2-

17- Jair Jurrjens. He looks like a good pitcher for Atlanta, but not enough to rise out before the rest of the division.
45- Daisuke. Booooo, and I have him.
76- Rich Harden. Have him.
117- Ubaldo Jiminez. I don't know what to think about this guy.
180- Jered Weaver. Also known as Jeff's Less Popular brother.
159- Jose Valverde. Good closer, but not good enough.
451- Mariners Leaders- Ibanez, Ichiro, Hernandez.
490- Roy Halladay Checklist for Toronto, I mean, Le Jays.
Starquest Grady Sizemore. More Sizemore! Good thing too, I like this guy.
540- Twins Leaders- Morneau, Mauer and Gomez. Gomez???
499- Ichiro Checklist. Sigh...
264- Bobby Abreu. Now on the Angels.
230- Joe Nathan. Great Closer.
240- Daniel Murphy. Who?
258- BJ Upton. I'm hoping to also find his brother.
324- Matt Cain. Thud!
354- Cezar Itzuris. Crack!
307- Ryan Doumit. UGGGGHHHHHH!

Pack 3

44- JD Drew. The most overrated baseball player, EH-VUHR!
9- Justin Upton. BJ and Justin in the same break!
72- Ronny Cedeno. GAH!
46- Luis Gonzalez. That's semi better.
111- Franklin Gutierrez. Now with the Mariners, and I still don't care about him.
174- Joey Gathright. I forget who he's with.
419- Luis ValBuena. Who?
Historic Firsts OBAMA! WHAT THE ^&%^%*%%%&%
Starquest Josh Beckett Gold. Yaaay, and BOOOOOO!
449- Orioles Leaders. Roberts, Huff and Guthrie.
479- Another Pujos- This time a %%&^%^%^% Checklist.
210- Clay Kershaw, have him.
268- Jorge Posada. WOOOOOOOOOO!
251- John Maine. Decent pitcher.
393- Lastings Milledge. From Mets to Ex-Mets who were given up for no reason...
362- Scott Kazmir. NICE!
379- Kevin Millwood. UGH!

Final Pack

64- Kerry Wood. Now with the Indians.
27- Tim Hudson. Nice pitcher, one that got away from the A's
92- Juan Uribe. Now in San Fransisco.
158- Ty Wiggington. Crappy player that's now on a crappy team- The Orioles.
116- Todd Helton. Last few years, he's had that mountain man beard.
179- Torii Hunter. SWEET!
496- Joe Mauer CHECK&^&^*^%$%&^%^&LIST!
412- Aaron Cunningham. Who?
YSL Jason Giambi, whose mustache once belonged to a Village Person.
488- Alex Rodriguez! WOOOOOOOOO!
405- Jason Pride. Who?
212- CC Sabathia. That's right!
297- Brett Meyers. That's Right!
211- Greg Maddux. THAT'S RIGHT!
335- Raul Ibanez. Current Philly.
352- Mark Mulder. Great Pitcher.
386- Scott Rolen. NICE!
369- Matt Garza!

Overall, wonderful break, which means you'll be seeing more on this blog soon.

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