Saturday, April 4, 2009

Card Show- Sweeter Swag!

You guys remember my second post was about a card show. Same show, same place, same vendors. Yeah, I know! I got some cool stuff, stuff that went from Random to WHA???

One guy sold assorted cards for 10 cents. Here's who I ended up getting-
2001 Leaf Rookies and Prospects Cal Ripken Jr.
1996 Donruss Mark McGwire
1993 Donruss Barry Bonds
1993 Topps Mark McGwire
Fleer 1999 Rookie Flashbacks Richie Sexson
1999 Topps Barry Bonds
2005 Topps Matt Holliday
2002 Topps CC Sabathia
2005 Topps Rookie Cup Dmitri Young
And to top it off, 2006 Topps Updates Greg Maddux- yeah, on the dodgers.

I also got cards from another guy, the same guy that had the 2003 packs last time with the Hamilton and Texiera rookies. I'm hoping for BETTER rookies.
We'll start with 2000 Topps-
279- Jeff Cirillo. Meh.
448- Rookie Stars Doug Mirabelli (Ugh), Ben Petrick (Who?), and Jayson Werth (PHILLIE!)
Now I'm satisfied, but not satisfied enough.
446- Rookie Stars of Matt Riley (Who?), Mark Mulder-
Stop right there! I don't even need to read the rest of the card, cause this is already good- wait.
On that same card is CC SABATHIA!!!!!
YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH! Okay, now I'm done!
276- Mike Hampton on the Mets. Nice player.
325- Kirk Reuter. Who?
462- League Leaders of Mark McGwire and Ken Griffey Jr. This is a day full of McGwire!
265- Billy Koch. Who? Just some kid from Toronto- I mean, Le Blue Jays.
327- Doug Glanville. Who?
242- David Wells. The guy who the Yanks traded to get Clemens...and he's not too bad. He pitched a perfect game for us! Only on this card, he's back in Toronto- I mean, Le Jays
307- Eric Owens. Who?
406- Rick Helling. Old Ranger Unis, which they're bringing back, look ugly.
Checklist. Not on the player, or the combo.

Topps 2002-
43-Darren Driefort. Who?
95- Alfonso Soriano- ON DA YANKS! WOOOOO!
164- Jimmy Rollins. ALL RIGHT!
Some 9/11 card.
26- Eric Davis. On the Giants. I think this was his last season.
146- Homer Bush, the other guy the Yanks traded for the Rocket. Only this one SUCKS! He didn't do that much justice for Toronto- I mean, Le Jays!
305- Joe Torre.
194- Scott Brosius. Oh, bitter irony.
210- Hideo Nomo- BOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Another Checklist.

Topps 2003, again!
180- Barry Zito. Coulda Been a contender.
3- Jimmy Rollins again. IS a contender.
114- Joe McEwing. Who?
183- Jeff Kent. Recent retiree, slightly bugged by Barry Bonds
Record Breakers Lance Berkman- DA BERK! I've been getting a lot of him lately.
349- Postseason Highlights- We got beaten by the Angels. Oh, bitterer irony.
26- David Oritiz. Okay, now this pack is just playing with me.
57- Bobby Kielty. Meh.
118- Jack Wilson. Pittsburgh is semi-lucky.
103- Roy Halladay. Awesome finish to an okay break. Now I finally can respect Toronto- I mean, Le Jays (Okay, I'll stop now)

Overall the packs were great. But then, another dealer had some 09 Topps and Heritage. And then I was in love.

Here's who I ended up getting, and all of these are guys I didn't have.
336- Paul Byrd. BOOOOOOO, and okay pitcher.
257- Mark Texiera. WOOOOOOOOOOO!
259- Kosuke Fukudome. What a name.
188- Joey Gathright. The Gath-fest rolls on from Thursday.
233- Kerry Wood- As well as the Wood-fest.
109- Delmon Young. And the Young Fest.
62- Greg Maddux- Don't forget the Maddux fest!
65- Pudge Rodriguez. Pudge looks old in a Yankee uni. Still, great player. Now on the Stros.
29- Johan Santana. Wow, great player, but on the same team that just snatched Sheffield.
33- Randy Johnson. Now on the Giants.

And some Topps-
102- Garrett Atkins. Good player.
85- Justin Verlander. I have Topps cards of him from the past 5 years.
70- Jermaine Dye. Good player.
25- Jon Lester. The photography this year is so much better.
5- John Lackey. Great player.
170- CC Sabathia. This is what I came here for. Not on the Yanks, though.
179- Rafael Furcal. One of the worst moves of the offseason.
156- Carlos Pena-Carlos has his leg up. He is either peeing or doing the hokey pokey.
155- Roy Halladay. Wow, again!
154- AJ Pierzinski- Why does everyone hate this guy?
140- Brandon Webb. This guy is awesome.
136- Tim Hudson. Another one the A's gave up.
228- Scott Rolen. One the Phils gave up.
230-Justin Upton. BJ's bro, as previously mentioned a day ago.
247- Yuniesky Betancourt. Another great ML name.
253- Edgar Renteria. The flying squirrel pose. Now on the A's
300- Ichiro. DUH!
295- Derrek Lee. Last year, he had such and elegant pose- this year, less so.
302- Brian Giles. Great guy.
310- Johan Santana. Again.
326- Manny Ramirez. DUH AGAIN!
329- Gil Meche. Great pitcher.
330- Daisuke Matsusaka. This one's obvious too.
320- Miguel Cabrera. Again, great player.
323- Vincente Padilla. Phillie fave, but now on the Rangers.

Great show, a lot going into my "Book". Hopefully, I'll be back in a few months- and maybe the same people will be there!

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