Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it's because of the lack of...anything, lately!

Anyway, I'm going to be starting a new series called "the Rundown", in which I search the web for an entire series, then post all the cards Remove Formatting from selectionfrom that series. The new Baseball Card Database has Topps 1996, so that's a pretty good place to start. I will be skipping all the All Star cards, and I will get back to them later, after I'm done. When I talk about each card, I will say how there career went before the card, and then after the card, and other quirky things.

Let's get right to it with number 13, 14 and 15. I will be doing a few at a time, and I can't get the picture so I'll make a link-

Number 13- Todd Helton

The first few cards from the series were draft picks that had been acquired before the cards had gone to print. Our three cards today were part of those.
Before the card- Todd Helton didn't have any cards
After the card- Todd Helton became a superstar in Colorado after his rookie year. He made a few all star teams, was a fixture at 1st base and was an all around good player.
Player Rating- 7. This guy has potential
Chance of getting into the Hall of Fame- 60%. Todd's an okay player, and he just doesn't seem to match up to the numerous people in the Hall of Fame.

Number 14- Mark Redman

Again, rookie card, and draft pick.
Before the card- nothing.
After the card- Mark didn't get started until 1999, where he pitched for a few years until he was traded to Detriot in 2001. After that, the once great pitcher ended up getting tossed between the Marlins, A's, Pirates, Royals, Braves and Rockies, where he still pitches.
Player Rating- 3. Not what he used to be.
Chance of getting into the Hall of Fame- 10%. Small chance.

Number 15- Michael Barrett

Rookie, draft pick, blablablablabla
Before the card- nothing
After the card- Michael played for Montreal for a few more seasons until he was traded to Chicago, where he was an awesome catcher and he was best known. Then, in 07, he was shipped to the Padres, where's been ever since.
Player Rating- 5. Okay player.
Chance of getting into the Hall of Fame- 50% could go either way if he gets better.

I'll just knock out the rest of the rookies tomorrow.

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