Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adironpacks- Lake George Mix Packs

The card shop was open today, and I delightfully gorged on a couple of its world famous mix packs. Remember, you can only see two cards from these, on the front and back.

Pack 1:
The Headliners- 2003 Derek Jeter Studio, 2002 World Series Heroes Joe Dimaggio.
The 80's- 1984 Fleer Wade Boggs
The Steroid Users- 2004 Patchworks Roger Clemens, 2001 MVP David Segui, 1997 Pinnacl Mark McGwire
TheRandy Johnson- 2000 UD Vintage
The Ex-Yankee- 2000 Fleer Mistake Johnny Damon
The Rest- 2006 Fleer Javier Vazquez, 2003 UD Vintage Ben Sheets, 2001 SP Authentic Ryan Dempster

Pack 2:
The Headliners- 2002 Play Ball Albert Pujols, 2007 SP Authentic Ryan Howard
The Giambis- 2005 Leather and Lumber, 2003 Flair
The Diamond King- CC Sabathia 2002
The Yankee- 2006 Baseball Card Day Derek Jeter
The Surefire Hall of Famer- 1997 Pinnacle Mike Piazza
The Phillie-2002 Play Ball Pat Burrell
The Ex-Yankee- 2005 Cracker Jack Johnny Damon
The Non-Hall of Famers- 1998 Topps Matt Williams, 2001 Stadium Club Mark Grace
The Rest-2003 MVP Armando Benitez, 2001 SP Authentic Carlos Lee, 2002 Donruss Fan Club Aramis Ramirez, 2001 UD Legends Ryan Dempster

Pack 3-
The Headliners- 2004 Bowman Andruw Jones, 2004 Diamond Kings Chippah Jones.
The Steroid Abusers- 2002 Play Ball Rafeal Palmiero, 2000 Gallery Sammy Sosa
The Miguel Cabrera-2004 SP Authentic
The White Sox- 2004 Leather and Lumber Paul Knoerko, 2003 SPX Magglio Ordonez

Pack 4-
The Headliners- 2003 Ultra Derek Jeter, 2004 Fleer Showcase Jorge Posada.
The Surefire Hall of Famers- 2006 Ovation John Smoltz, 2004 SP Authentic Greg Maddux, 1994 Leaf Roberto Alomar
The "NO HOF FOR YOU!"- 2007 Barry Bonds Home Run History
The Yankee- 2004 Playoff Honors Hideki Matsui
The Andruw- 1997 UD Global Impact
The Rest- 2001 SP Authentic Mike Sweeney, 2006 Fleer Brandon Webb

Pack 5-
The Headliners- 2001 UD Reserve Cal Ripken Jr, 2003 Topps Retired Signature Brooks Robinson.
The Shiiiiiinnnyyy- 2002 Leaf Certified Juan Pierre, 1997 Pinnacle Certified Frank Thomas
The Phillie- 2002 Donruss Classic Roy Oswalt
The Rest- 2005 Donruss Bartolo Colon, 2001 UD Vintage Livan Hernandez

That was a fun rip. Hopefully I'll be going back later in the week.

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