Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adironpacks Part 2- Citizens on Patrol

I made a run into town with fellow collector Kyle (who got so much more cards than me- seriously, he spend $32 on this stuff!), and got some more mix packs from the card shop- my findings...

Pack 1-
The Headliners- 05 Fleer Pastime Albert Pujols, 2002 Play Ball Fatty McGwire
The Rookie- 2003 Playoff Prestige Travis Hafner Ranger Rookie
The Current Superstars- 2005 Autographics Carl Crawford, 2006 SPx Scott Rolen
The Man I will not be forgiving for his actions anytime soon- 1998 Topps Barry Bonds
The Future Hall of Famer- 1998 Fleer insert Jeff Bagwell
The Rest- 2005 Fleer Platinum Eric Chavez, 2000 UD Shawn Green

Pack 2- (I got a lot of crappy 90's junkwax from this one)
The Headliners- 1997 Donruss Elite Cal Ripken, 2000 Fleer Focus Insert Chipper Jones
The Yankees- 2004 Donruss Classics Jason Giambi, 2002 Bowman Javier Vazquez.
The Rest- 2002 Gallery Corey "Hype? What Hype?" Patterson

Pack 3-
The Headliners- 2004 Leaf Certified Vladdie, 2004 SP Authentic Ken Griffey
The Hall of Famer- 2007 SP Legendary Hoyt Wilhelm
The Obligatory Chipper- 1997 Fleer Going Yard
The Future Hall of Famer- 2004 Donruss Elite Ivan Rodriguez
The Diamond King- 2004 Matt Morris
The Rest- 2007 Finest Rafael Furcal, 2000 Fleer Ultra Richie Sexson, 2003 Victory Shannon "Who needs Baseball, I have kids" Stewart, 2003 Team Heroes Bill Hall

Pack 4-
The Headliners-2007 Artifacts Chase Utley, 2006 Ovation Ryan Howard.
The Piazzas- 1995 Donruss Insert, 2004 Sweet Spot
The Hall of Famer- 2007 SP Legendary George Kell
The Future Hall of Famer- 2000 Omega Craig Biggio
The Wasted Opportunites- 2007 SP Authentic Kenji Johjima, 2007 Turkey Red Jake Peavy
The Just Retire Already- 2003 UD Patch Shawn Green, 2003 SPX Eric Chavez, 2004 Playoff Pretsige Geoff Jenkins
The Rest- 2004 Donruss Rafael Furcal

Last Pack-
The Headliners- 2006 SPX Big Poopi, 2007 A&G Ryan Howard
The 2005 Skybox Autographix- Curt Schilling, Torii Hunter
The Little Known HOFer- 2002 UD Vintage Rick Ferrell
The Future Hall of Famers- 2004 Throwback Threads Ivan Rodriguez, 2003 Donruss Classics Frank Thomas
The "HOF? Naahhhh"- 1997 Flair Showcase Tim Salmon, 1997 Ultra Javy Lopez
The Rest- 2003 Stadium Club Vincente Padilla

And in addition, I traded a few cards for two cards that Kyle got. I acquired 2 Yo Mamma cards, an 1987 Don Mattingly and an 06 Verlander Original Back.

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