Thursday, August 19, 2010

Custom Card of the Day- Faked Night Card Edition

The man you see above has been pitching beautifully in relief for the Yankees. Remember when he was in Chicago and Cleveland, and he could barely stay off the DL? Here comes a new Kerry Wood, fit for destruction of any and all adversaries...or something like that. I saw him astonish the crowd last night by striking out a heap of Detroit batters. That takes skill.

By the way, if the Yankees had gotten Kerry Wood 10 years earlier, the response would be ecstatic, but the payoff would be disappointing...sorta like Carl Pavano. Now, we get him in 2010, the response is quieter, but the payoff is way more excellent.

Another thing- the photo shown on the card was originally taken during the day, but with the help of a few photoshop tools, Kerry looks like he's showing the opposing team what he's made of later at night.

Sorry, but no more customs until I get back from Lake George, which is late Saturday. Sunday or Monday I will TRY to get a custom or two out.

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