Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 Topps Series 1 Finally- 1st Packs of the Year

After a long night, I ventured out to my local Target, Knowing that they had some Series 1. As I rounded the aises, I saw Robinson Cano's body emrege from the packs, and I knew I'd be getting some today. I smiled as I got SIX Packs, and TWO rack packs.

Pack 1-
My first card of 2011 is 21- Michael Cuddyer. Could have been much worse...
118- Howie Kendrick
135- Mike Stanton, the new face of the Marlins
235- Leaders
200- ICHIRO!!! In my First Pack!
Clay Kershaw mini thing that I don't care about
Bruce Sutter 60 Year Reprint. Nice.
Shiny Brett Wallce ToppsTown
250- Carlos Gonzalez
207- Angel Pagan
212- Pedro Feliz Navidad
19- Derek Lowe

Pack 2-
122- Bobby Jenks. Bluh, a Red Sock
170- David DeJesus, now an Athletic
150- Miguel Cabrera
157- Awesome Mets Team Card
24- Neil Walker Cup
279- Nick Swisher
Mickey Mantle Red Diamond
Diamond Duos Hornsby/Holliday
Carlos Santana TT
101- Gregor Blanco
48- Andrew Cashner
266- Cool Rickie Weeks photo

Pack 3-
173- Jose Lopez
320- Michael Young
27- Ben Zobrist
317- Yonder Alonso Rookie
70- Ex Phillie Kyle Drabek
279- Nick Swisher. Damn, my first double's a yankee
Code card
Mat Latos Mini thing that I don't collect
Adrian Gonzalez TT
92- Chris Narveson and his long Minor League career
286- Melvin Mora
147- Jon Niese

Pack 4-
140- Brett Anderson
102- CC Sabathia!!!
255- Torii Hunter
141- Ubaldo Jiminez cl
65- Chris Sale
315- Big Poopi, David Ortiz
306- Leaders
J-Hey and Freddie Freeman Duos
Whitey Ford 1956 that should have been
Dan Haren tt
78- Regular Mike Stanton

Pack 5-
216- Jose Bautista, Mister Blue Jay
323- CJ Wilson
265- John Danks
83- Greg Halman, not Cher's ex
77- Tim Hudson
181- Magglio Ordonez, nominee for the best shot of the year
code card
Mini that I don't collect
Buster Posey tt
104- Oh, look, Ian Stewart.

Pack 6-
272- JJ Hardy
195- Nick Markakis
144- Lance "Fat Elvis" Berkman, now with the Cards
304- Jim Thome checklist
211- Joey Votto MVP
158- Casey Blake
Mike Stanton/ Justin Upton Duos
Roberto Alomar 60 Year Reprint
Ryan Braun tt
245- Neil Walker
277- Trevor Hoffman's final card
125- Evan Meek

Rack Pack 1-
164- Koji Uehara, with a photo I USED for a custom
47- Kevin Correia
261- Alexei Ramirez
131- Kevin Kouzmanoff.
121- Brandon Inge
83- Greg Halman
132- Brian Duensing
187- Brewers team
168- CC Sabathia, I mean Felix Hernandez CY Young
206 Chase Headley LaMarr
45- Hunter Pence
Lou Gehrig Goudey reprint
Brett Anderson tt
147- Jon Neise
308- Ian Desmond
22- Barry Zito
101- Gregor Blanco
252- Michael Saunders
140- Brett Anderson
102- CC again
155- Torii again
165- Jeremy Hellickson
52- Rays team card
200- Ichiro again
87- Dainel DeCalso
WHOA! Jake McGee Sparkly Silver and stuff. Whoa!
Markakis mini that I don't want
Ty Cobb/MigCab Duo
J-Hey Topps 60
Troy Tuowitski Reprint

Rack Pack 2-
55- Matt Joyce
30- Gio Gonzalez
31- Erick Aybar
303- Emilio Bonifcacio
161- White Sox
73- James McDonald, a sucky pitcher who I saw against the Giants
181- Magglio again
319- Braves team
146- HALLADAY CY Young
Jonathan Papelbon Topps 60...Autograph. Irony...a Yankee fan pulling a Red Soc. Irony.
Adam Jonestt
10- Stephen Strasjo.
240- Andre Ethier
316- Chris Young
35- Shin soo Choo
260- Freddy Sanchez
197- Aaron Hill, Mister Overrated
36- Ted Lilly
8- Julio Borbon222- Matt Lindstrom
274- Michael Brantley, lord of the dance
77- Hudson again
Lars Anderson Silver Sparkle
code card
Jeter and Cano duo
Ryan Zimmerman Topps 60
Vladdie Guerrero 2002 Reprint
271- Adam Dunn
86- Carlos Silva
229- Jonathan Sanchez

All in all, great packs. If there are any Red Sox fans that would like to take the Papelbon, drop me a line, email on the sidebar. Also, if anyone is collecting the Kimball's Champions mini set, and want some of those, I have a few from today that I don't want.

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