Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm going to Dallas

And before you ask, yes, that means what you all think it means. I'm going to the Super Bowl.

I'm not going to bring up how the tickets were waved in my direction, but lets just say someone I know very well had relations, and we got lucky. The seats are pretty good, but it will be loud as hell, I know for sure.

I've known about this one for a few months now, but waited until today to spill it, mainly because I didn't wanna look like a jackass by telling everyone in December.

I'll be leaving tomorrow, and attending the NFL Expirience tomorrow as well. Sources tell me that Topps has a booth, so I will be sure to check that one out.

And after I get back, I'll be finding some 2011 series one, and ripping that. And sometime after that, when Spring Training starts, Custom Cards will return.

But, I hope you don't hate me by "bragging" that I'm going to the Super Bowl. After all, I have to sit through the friggin Black Eyed Peas at halftime. It couldn't be anyone tolerable, like Green Day, or Bon Jovi- hell, I'd even had settled for Dave Matthews. NOOOOO...The Black Eyed Peas, and their partying image. Terrific.


  1. So, what's the difference in looking like a jackass in December versus looking like a jackass now?? Not that I think you look like a jackass, I'm just curious. Hope you have a good time. FB is not my kind of thing, if I got tickets to that, I'd probably give them to my two Brothers-in-law. So, Go, have a good time, and we look forward to your report when you get back. Hope the Packers win, but I really hope my numbers come out in the pool!!

  2. Take lots of pictures and post them so I can live vicariously through this blog. This poor humble packer fan can only watch from afar.