Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Years

On February 9th 2009, I was already familiar with the blogosphere. I was also a steady collector, and wanted to join my "idols", and create a blog. So, that day Cards that Ruth Built was born. However, my friend Dan told me it was too corny, so I changed it to Mint Condition. It was a small blog, but it soon built up to...yep, still a small blog.

But still, two years ago today, I became a blogger. It was different 2 years ago. Nobody had ever heard of Stephen Strasburg, Eisner was still ahead of Topps, Upper Deck was still in existence and Wax Heaven was still active. These are different times now, but I'm glad that I wasn't one to stop, or move on with my life. I've kept going for two years now.

As for my future, once Spring Training begins, Custom shots will come out, so the Custom cards will return. And soon, once Series 1 comes out, I'll be going back to ripping. But's been a fun two years, and hopefully I'll be around for a lot longer.


  1. Congrats on 2 years. Keep it going.

  2. 2 years, that's small taters, and I likes me some small taters!! Congrats, keep up the good blogging. and Cards that Ruth Built ain't corny. What's your friend's blog's name, anyhow??

  3. Happy Two!

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  4. Now if the word had been mintricypuddin, you'd have somethin there!! LOL