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Nostalgic Box Break: 1995 Stadium Club Series 1 (Part One)

So I did it again. Felt cardless. Hopeless. Bored. Amazon was open, I had nothing to do, I wasn't getting cards for Christmas. So, I pulled the trigger. And now, I'm about to open a third of the box onto the interwebs, and reveal the awesome results, as well as countless doubles.

I shouldn't waste any more time.

Pack One-
I figured out a new format for these posts. I'll show the entirety of the pack, doubles, inserts and all, and then I'll zero in on the highlights. This pack, obviously, had no doubles.
Each pack comes with a Virtual Reality insert, which predicts what the 1994 season would have looked like had it not ended in a strike. Our insert in this pack was Tom Glavine. These cards look basically the same as the regular cards, but with an emblem.

Also, there are especially marked Best Seat in the House inserts, which are a part of the base set. Greg Vaughn is the subject here, because he was apparently a big deal in 1995.

This year there's even more awesome photography, as evident in the Jay Bell card, and in the Derrick May card. The highlight would definitely be Eddie Murray's card, partially for his Hall of Fame status, but also because it's cool to see him slide.

Pack Two- All base cards. There are especially marked Draft Picks cards in these, although they aren't anything too special. The biggest one is Paul Konerko.

Picks- The Wilson Alvarez card is so 90's that it's a little funny.  The Ruben Sierra is another very nice shot, one that reminds me of one used for a custom. And it's nice to see Vince Coleman was still on cards in 1995. I did not know he played for the Royals.
I got a normal version of Tom Glavine, which is nice? I dunno.
I also got a card of Jeff "It's probably 600 grand by the time Obama takes it" Kent. And if you didn't get that reference, or if you don't watch Survivor, might I suggest looking here.
My highlight was Ivan Rodriguez, who is probably a Hall of Famer. I do not think he took steroids, and I think he's a great catcher, no doubt about it.
Pack Three-
Annnd the doubles start rolling in.
Picks- Sandy Alomar is this pack's Virtual Reality insert. Meanwhile, Chili Davis is this pack's 'year before joining a championship team' card.
Bo Jackson's last season was 1995, as a member of the Anaheim Angels, and while he was nowhere near as awesome as he was in 1987, he still was Bo Jackson. Meanwhile, Barry Larkin's card is a Best Seat in the House insert, and I love that photo.
Pack Four- A few doubles in this pack as well.
I think everyone and their mother has seen that Rex Hudler card, so I'm not even gonna draw attention to it. It's funny, but it's overplayed on the blogs. It's like the 'Livin' La Vida Loca' of 1995 Topps Stadium Club.
Lou Frazier's card is a very nice sliding shot, as is Midre Cummings'.
David Segui's benefits from a tight zoom
Let me tell you something- if for whatever reason Craig Biggio is denied entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year, then the system is too flawed. I get that Maddux, Thomas and Glavine have their year, but Biggio was far more consistent for far longer. And if he doesn't get in AND I hear that a friend of my dad's who casts a vote ended up turning in a blank ballot again, I'm not talking to him again.
Pack Five- Quite a cultured bunch. You can already see two Hall of Famers. Within a year, they'd be on the same team. And if you're wondering when Larry Walker was ever on the Orioles, congratulations, you're a dolt.
Picks- Doug Drabek had a nice career out of being a poor man's Randy Johnson. In 1998, they would share the same team.
Ron Karkovice is holding his catching gear, and it's a nice shot.
Charlie Hayes' is my favorite. A shame I'd only get to see it three million more times before the box was out.
Carlos Baerga, right as he was beginning to slide down the totem pole, and into the Mets' lineup.
Two and a Half Hall of Famers here. Larry Walker's card is so awesome that it belongs in the Hall of Fame, even if he doesn't. Meanwhile, Alomar's card is a Virtual Reality insert, and Cal's is awesome because he's Cal Ripken.
Pack 6-
Okay folks, let's imagine that the picture wasn't accidentally flipped upside down. All we need is Joseph Gordon Levitt and an Elevator shaft and we have a scene from Inception.
Todd Jones looks like he's about to kill someone. Luis Gonzalez and Brad Ausmus, both pre-stardom, look content. Tony Fernandez' shot is nice. Kevin Gross is auditioning for a part on CSI Miami, and Bob Wickman looks so uncool that it kinda hurts.
Orel Hershiser went to my High School. No joke. I need to talk about that in more detail one of these days. Meanwhile, Paul Molitor is the pack's highlight, because I absolutely love that shot. Also, he's one of the most underrated Hall of Famers out there.
Pack Seven- Now the doubles begin to take up half of the pack.
The five cards that didn't make me want to shake my head. They include-
Will Clark, who was still riding pretty high in 1995.
Ozzie Guillen. Okay, I lied, he does make me want to shake my head.
Paul Wilson, whose eventual awfulness made Mets fans want to shake their heads.
Speaking of Mets fans, here's Mike Piazza, before he was a Dodger. I think he's a Hall of Famer too.
Barry Larkin is the lone Hall of Famer here, and his shot is pretty nice.
Pack 8- This one was also flipped upside down for some reason. Note to self- never rotate pictures in a hurry.
Three excellent shots. Chris Hoiles does his best impression of Andy Dufresne. Pat Listasch's card is another blog staple, as it is quite excellent. Ricky Bones, who was actually pretty good back in 1995, strikes an epic pose for the camera.
The Pack Highlight is a Cause and Effect insert of eventual Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell, which is pretty nice, and a well designed insert.

So, that's a third of the box, served upside down and with a side of brown carpet. Tomorrow I'll likely post Part 2, which has the big rookie I've been searching for.

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  1. 1995 Stadium Club had some awesome photography. Thanks for sharing! Also, I love the Inception reference! Great movie!