Sunday, March 9, 2014

They Can't Be Serious

I haven't seen enough people talking about this. However, since I'm the resident Stadium Club expert here, I figured I might as well go for it.

People have been comparing this announcement, which is basically pointing to the return of Stadium Club in 2014, to the announcement in 2008, which announced the return of the set, with a new limited version for hobby stores.

The difference is that back then we were asking for it.

Back in 2008, the cardblogosphere was absolutely adamant about there being another Stadium Club sets. There were online petitions, boycotts, etc, etc. And after actually HEARING THE COLLECTORS, Topps brought back the product, and ruined it.

Now, nobody's asking for another Stadium Club set, because we know what happens when we ask Topps to bring back things. They screw 'em all up. However, not asking could work to our advantage.

Because, in my opinion, the decision in 2008 was rushed by the collectors, the set that came out that year, with the exception of the photography, was an overcrowded, generally uncollectable mess. This year, I don't think they were rushed. They had time to think of the idea, plan out the set, and plan exactly what they were going to do, without a sea of collectors clawing at them from afar.

So, does this mean that the potential 2014 Stadium Club will be a good set? Too soon to say.

I mean, we've only seen one card. Not a sellsheet, not a checklist, not a parallel manifesto. Just a single, solitary insert. Once I get more info, I'll form an opinion about it.

For right now...I'm just patiently waiting for more news. And hoping it isn't worse than the 2008 set.

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