Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2 Hanger Boxes of 2016 Topps

I've already showed you a rack pack, but I need to be let down some more, so here are 2 hanger boxes of 2016 Topps. Let's see what the damage is.

Box #1-
183- Andrelton Simmons. Start with one of the best shortstops in baseball. Now on the Angels.
130- AJ Pollock. Proof that the D-Backs can potentially pull something off this year.
131- Adam LaRoche. Hopefully he'll have a better season in Chicago, now they've got a stronger core.
217- Lance Lynn. Will be sitting out 2016, but that's kind of a relief for most NL Central batters.
147- Dee Gordon. One of the most fearsome base runners in the game.
117- Liam Hendriks, one of the few ugly people to come out of Australia.
177- Gregor Blanco, who I guess is gonna be a starting outfielder again in SanFran?
345- Yonder Alonso, now in Oakland.
148- Yangervis Solarte. I really hope he hangs onto that 3rd base job in San Diego. He's a fun little player.
238- Orioles team card. Dousing Crush Davis with water. Fun stuff.
125- WHIP Leaders
204- Mark Teixeira, the guy who can still hit 30 homers on one leg. Wonderful. He's got a great card here, too. Happy to have him as a Yankee.
294- White Sox team card.
275- Ian Kinsler. People should buy packs of 2016 Topps just for the horizontals. They're worth it.
302- Astros tc, and they have every right to be excited, too.
337- HR Leaders.
297- Tigers TC GOLD #D TO 2016. Part of me wishes the little code thing on the edges was a real part of the design, instead of the smog.
Berger's Best of 1985 Doc Gooden.
Pressed into Service of Josh Harrison. I do like this insert set. Very unconventional.
Back to Back of Trout and Pujols.
Ah, of course, my first PERSPECTIVES card, of Bryce Harper. And man, do I love it.
mLB Debut of Jayson Werth as a Blue Jay. Cards like these, of Werth in an odd uniform, is why this set should exist.
Amazing Milestones of Ted Williams. Boring set idea, but can't resist another Ted card.
Walk off Wins of Ozzie Smith
261- Russell Martin. Still a pretty great catcher.
306- Jarrod Saltalamacchia
262- Ervin Santana. It's a great thought that Ervin might be heading up a rotation this year. Warms my heart.
2- Jerad Eickhoff. Man, if this is what the Rangers gave up for Cole Hamels, then maybe trading him was worth it. Eickhoff-Nola-Morgan is not bad at all.
81- Alexei Ramirez. Now the shortstop for San Diego.
325- Kaleb Cowart RC.
16- Rougned Odor, who has essentially made Jurickson Profar obsolete at this point.
257- Jake Marisnick, who's a nice little spare part in Houston.
240- Nick Markakis. Marky's bat coming alive again in Atlanta was a nice surprise.
101- Justin Turner. Man, a year ago nobody really thought this guy would be starting at third. What a world.
165- Adam Eaton. I happen to think this guy's a lot more of an impact player than Jose Abreu.
241- Freddie Freeman. Another gem of a photo from this set.
121- Roberto Osuna, who proved that coming out of absolutely nowhere and becoming a great closer is not an impossible thing.
44- David Freese.
225- Scooter Gennett. Poor guy.
255- Justin Verlander. I really hope he's still at 'best pitcher in the AL' caliber, because he was amazing in the early part of the decade.
291- Asdrubal Cabrera. I really hope nobody calls him 'Assie'. Assie's on the Mets this year.
31- Travis D'Arnaud. Looks like this will be the starting catcher in Queens this year, which is a very good sign. I just hope he can stay healthy.
324- Steven Souza.
49- Ike Davis. Are his 15 minutes up yet?
224- Billy Burns. A bit better for your semi-optimistic A's fans.
282- Scott Feldman. Looks like Scott's still gonna be a 5th starter in Houston, unless the re-sign somebody else.
36- Miguel Montero. I think he did pretty well his first year as a Cub.
69- Anibal Sanchez. Quietly one of the more versatile arms out there.
326- Kevin Plawecki. The Mets' other option at catcher.
120- WS Highlight Alcides Escobar.
187- Leaders
80- Carson Smith
79- Mariners TC, made even more fun by the inclusion of early 90's throwbacks.
307- Wade Davis, who has done more than admirably taking over for Greg Holland. Pretty cool card, too.
94- Checklist of Cabrera and Martinez. Nice shot, too.
245- Tommy Kahnle. I have never heard of this guy.
46- Jhonny Peralta, narrowly avoiding steroid allegations since his birthdate.
45- Ryan Zimmerman
150- Clayton Kershaw. Best Pitcher in Baseball? Best Pitcher in Baseball.
146- Stephen Piscotty
141- Colin Rea
280- Brock Holt, Spiderman Villain Extraordinaire.
54- Jung Ho Kang. OH, I SEE...So Jung Ho Kang has his Korean league stats here too. But...Jose Abreu didn't have his Cuban league stats last pack? I'm...I'm confused. And angry.
10- Nelson Cruz, who has had insane numbers every year since 2009. And will probably have more in 2016.
189- Jake McGee.
14- CRUSH DAVIS. Returning home to Baltimore in 2016. Very nice.
30- Yan Gomes.
197- Neil Walker, who will be taking over for Daniel Murphy in New York this year.
71- John Danks. Wow, thanks to everything going on in the rotation, he must be going WAY down in the order.
252- Jorge Soler. Hell of a player. I do want to see him play a full season, though.
272- Denard Span, who'll be playing with SanFran this year.

154- Hunter Pence. Plus side is I get a Hunter Pence card. Minus is it's kinda boring.
180- Kevin Gausman, lord of the goggles.
151- Jon Lester. Okay, this card is cool because it's filtered JUUUST enough, as opposed to TOO MUCH, like everything else in the set.
266- Jonathan Papelbon, the...CAREER SAVES LEAVED FOR PHILLY? OH, NO.
214- Chris Colabello, who became one of the unsung heroes of Toronto last year, which is wonderful.
210- Mike Zunino. To paraphrase a callout from Rocky Horror ,"HE CAN'T HIT...HE CAN'T RUN...HE CAN'T CATCH...TRIPLE THREAT!"
168- Nathan Eovaldi. Keep the magic flowing in 2016, buddy.
243- Luke Gregerson, who had 31 saves last year for the Astros. And yet they still decided it'd be nice to rob me of new-favorite-player Ken Giles.
231- Chris Coghlan, who MAY be out of a job this year? I'm not sure.
286- Joe Mauer. He's no longer at MVP levels, but he's still a great player, and a guaranteed Minnesota HOFer.
25- Brad Ziegler. Not sure if he'll be closing for the D-Backs this year, but I hope so.
76- Glen Perkins, another lovable closer.
100- Bryce Harper, our cover boy. Hell of a card for him, too.
301- Wade Miley, who'll be pitching in Seattle this year.
220- Leaders
195- A rather cool Jason Kipnis card nearly ruined by some excessive smog.
61- A rather cool Johnny Cueto WS Highlight card improved by being a gold parallel.
Berger's Best of A-Rod from '98.
Pressed Into Service of Mitch Moreland.
Back to Back of Fielder and Braun.
OH MY GOD. Perspectives Insert of Randy Johnson. THESE ARE SO COOL. I'M FREAKING OUT.
MLB Debut of Josh Donaldson. Nice to see him as an A again, at least.
Amazing Milestones of Warren Spahn
Walk of Wins of Bill Mazeroski. I like this because you don't pull a Maz everyday out of modern Topps.
88- Ubaldo 'The Frog' Jimenez.
283- Felix Hernandez. Phenomenal pitcher. It's good to be the king.
152- Kyle Lohse, who's still hanging in the league.
342- Jayson Werth. I hope he's healthy all year, because I still adore Werth as an all-around player.
32- Zach Greinke, the guy who almost won his 2nd Cy this year. Now a D-Back.
73- Ketel Marte
174- Jered Weaver
57- Adam Lind. His awesome 2015 season has granted him a season on a surging Seattle team, rather than another season in Milwaukee.
340- Victor Martinez. Hoping to see the return of his 2014 numbers.
288- Jake Lamb. Part of a surging infield.
52- Julio Teheran. How far into the year d'you think he's getting traded?
160- Chris Sale. He's gonna be 27 and already has 1000 strikeouts. Watch out, boys and girls.
244- Jonathan Lucroy. Again, poor guy.
193- Trevor Bauer. Throws more wild pitches than his fellow Cleveland rotation brethren, but still an amazing arm.
28- Brian McCann. Best thing to come out of Athens, Georgia since REM. Fantastic hitting catcher in the Bronx.
215- Adrian Gonzalez. I'm glad this guy's been doing so well in LA.
135- Colby Rasmus with another pretty nice card.
285- Pablo Sandoval. Unless he magically reverts back to his 2012 self, the Red Sox may have a big problem on their hands.
22- John Hicks
200- Josh Donaldson, the deserving MVP. Man, can't wait to see what he does this year.
87- Jorge de la Rosa, the anchor in Colorado.
207- Maikel Franco. Please stick around for a full season.
114- Brett Lawrie. Traded for an MVP. Then traded to the White Sox. Abreu-Lawrie-Sanchez-Frazier is pretty appetizing.
176- Brandon Phillips. Such a fun player.
95- Kole Calhoun.
155- Yankees TC, featuring congratulations for Carlos Beltran.
162- Leaders
170- An Altuve-Springer-Correa Checklist dubbed 'New Order'. I'm not sure the Astros are especially into Power, Corruption and Lies. I'll give it to them, as this is a pretty Blue Monday for me.
(Also...with the three of them posed like that...Bizarre Love Triangle much? I'll stop now.)
21- Mike Moustakas WS Highlight. Wide Enough that it works.
318- Nats TC, which is Harper slapping some fives.
299- Angel Pagan, during one of his few healthy moments. Great photo, too.
70- Kendrys Morales. Hell of a comeback.
97- Ender Inciarte, now with the Braves.
159- Erick Aybar, ALSO with the Braves now.
313- Martin Maldonado
91- Yasmani Grandal. Glad he's finally broke out big-time.
153- Jason Hammel, one of the most underrated members of the 2015 Cubs.
175- Manny Machado. Yeah, it's official- he's for real.
188- GREG BIRD ROOKIE. YEAH. I mean, he's gonna be injured this year, but STILL!
278- Evan Gattis, pounding the hell out of the ball.
231- HanRam. Hopefully first base will suit him a smidge better.
229- Jesse Hahn
242- Matt Wisler
89- Edwin Encarnacion. Guy's been unstoppable since joining the Jays.
203- Aaron Hill. Now on the Brewers. Poor guy.
161- Phil Hughes.
132- Joe Ross

Those were some hanger boxes, and I did get a bit fatigued after a while. There is still a lot to love about this set, but not enough of it. I still got some nice yankees and nice photography, though.

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