Monday, February 1, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1999 Ultra (Part Three)

Two thirds gone. One third left. This box has been really fun so far, as it's always pretty nice to see a product in peak form, and the very late 90's were the peak years of Ultra. Last eight packs coming up.

 Pack 17- Man, those futuristic rookie card designs sure do stand out...

 AJ Hinch's reaction when he realized he had to manage the Diamondbacks a few years ago.
(Thankfully he's in a much better place right now.)

 Matt Williams, already mowing 'em down in Arizona, and Bobby Abreu, in one of his first few seasons as a Phillie.

 Carlos Baerga, who never really did anything out of an Indians uniform, looks stoic as a Met. And Jeff Bagwell hits another one out.

 Pack 18- Lots of very odd positions here.

 Edgar Martinez, world's greatest DH, squats in the batter's box, because...well, he's Edgar. He's allowed.

 Before Rafael Palmeiro took steroids, this card was not gold.

 Shawn Green, immediately before his trade to LA that would make him a hard-hitting superstar, and a The Book On insert of Chipper Jones.

 Maybe it's me, but Jay Powell's glove looks huge here.


 Both ends of the age spectrum. Alex Rodriguez, already ruling the league in his early 20's, and Rickey Henderson, still stealing bases at age 40.

 Two of the greatest third basemen of all time? And they both played in the same decade? Man, gotta love baseball.

 Two reminders of the 1997 ALCS. Man, the Yankees were close that year, but the Indians were a better squad. They should have won a World Series that decade.

 Pack 20- The horizontals take over!

 A bit blurry, but two hitting 90's stars, Bernie Williams and Todd Helton. I think Helton has a better HOF case than Bernie though.

 People tend to forget how powerful Mike Mussina was as an Oriole. This card cements it. He just looks beastly warming up.

 Pack 21- Some team heroes in this one.

 Two extremely 1998 figures. The Book on insert of Juan Gonzalez, still a Texas standout, and a futuristic surfboard of Kerry Wood, who had an OUTSTANDING rookie season in 1998.

 Derek Jeter, my once and future favorite player of all time. Robin Ventura's sliding next to him, and they'd combine their efforts for a World Series attempt in 2003.

 Of course, here's the closest thing they have to a modern diety on the South Side, Frank Thomas.

 Pack 22- Winding down but still some cards pop.

 I bet you forgot both of these guys played for these teams. Either way, Dean Palmer seems pretty happy about it.

 Trevor Hoffman's rushing to work, equipment in hand. Meanwhile, here's one of the few good rookies in the set with Eric Chavez.

 Freddy Garcia auditions for Cliffhanger 2.

 Pack 23- Another nice insert here, as well as some more cool shots. It still looks new and the box is nearly over.

 Rico Brogna reaching for a helmet. Such a cool shot.

 Raul Mondesi, right before being traded to Toronto and essentially whittling down the rest of his career. Also, Kerry Wood nabs a Season Crowns insert.

 This guy was intimidating even as he bled in front of you. Remind me why he's not a Hall of Famer yet?

 Pack 24- The last hurrah. We do get one last rare insert here though. know.
 Two hard-hitting Hall of Famers. Gwynn's is a really cool Gold Medallion. Frank's is the box's last futuristic surfboard.

Our big insert is a World Premiere one of Richard Hidalgo, who was just starting out in Houston in '98. Not the greatest subject, but still a very cool design, and it's incredibly shiny.

So that was 1999 Ultra. Wasn't that fun?

I might get back to some actual posting, and hopefully I'll nab some 2016 Topps soon.


  1. You collecting the whole set? Or are you willing to part with those Dbacks?

    1. I am not collecting the set, so as soon as I can get home from college and throw those D-Backs in an envelope (they're back at my house), they can be yours.

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