Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dexter Fowler's Cruel Twist of Fate

I love the fact that even the smallest players can make the biggest moves. Dexter Fowler, who was not really on anybody's mind two years ago, made a decision that impacted two teams at once.

Two days ago, after a week or so of speculation, a deal was made that would secure Dexter Fowler with the Orioles for a couple years. After getting Yovani Gallardo, the Orioles needed some outfield security, so they needed someone like Fowler who could take away some question marks back there, and a Jones-Fowler-(someone else) outfield would be a little better stomach. So people were already saying "man, the O's have a chance this season' and all that.

But then Dexter Fowler decided he would follow the example of his favorite Survivor players and completely jump ship on his plan, and pull a total blindside. Which he did, by deciding, at the eleventh hour, to re-sign with the Cubs.

A couple reasons why this move is amazing. First of which being that it allows Dexter Fowler to remain in the limelight. He goes to Baltimore, he sinks into an 'okay' team that skirts along the .500 line and doesn't make an impact (I assume). He stays in Chicago, he's a member of one of the best lineups in baseball. And last year, he was one of the difference makers. He stayed healthy, he kept hitting, he was a nice little outfield bat, something people were waiting for since he came up in Colorado.

Also, of course this helps the Cubs, because if I woke up one morning and discovered my outfield consisted of Jason Heyward, Kyle Schwarber, AND Dexter Fowler...I'd cry. When Jorge Soler is your've got it good. They had an extra Chris Coghlan lying around, but they shipped him to Oakland, which is shaping up to a surprisingly coherent roster.

But this especially hurts the Orioles, because this hurts what would have been a sure thing outfield, and now they have to invest in maybe getting Nolan Reimold or someone who isn't as consistent as Fowler to play one of the corners. The Fowler move would have made them legitimate for 2016, and now that he's out...the Orioles are back to circling 4th and 5th.

Huge move that puts the Cubs in more of a sure shot to be a stellar team this season. And this is, like, INTO SPRING TRAINING. Huge roster moves are happening into Spring Training. That's how competitive 2016 is. Crazy stuff.

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  1. His at bats against the Mets last post season had my stomach in knots with his speed and ability to put the ball in play.