Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Tulo Conundrum

Well...the Yankees got a shortstop!

The picture is that the Yankees are planning on keeping Didi Gregorius as the primary shortstop option for the near future, which is a good idea, and it's smarter than going and getting Machado (though they still...could for third base? I don't know). Once Gregorius gets back, midway through the year, he'll get his position back without having to worry about being traded. Which is the smarter deal. Like...he's in his prime, he's doing well, and he shouldn't have to worry about Machado stealing his job just because he's got to have surgery.

Of course, until Didi comes back, we do have a formidable replacement at shortstop. It's...not the one we were thinking, but...well, let's examine this.

Troy Tulowitzki is a fine player when he's healthy, and his main problem is getting injured a bit too much. This was his deal in Colorado...and in Toronto. And again, this guy is a five-tool player when he's on, he's a multiple-time All Star, and he's had a ton of seasons that came close to MVP-caliber. But...there's a reason the Jays released him. He's become unreliable, inconsistent, and he's likely ruined his chance at being a Hall of Famer.

But...that doesn't mean he's done being productive, and that doesn't mean he can't be an everyday shortstop for someone. So...the Yankees need a shortstop for a few months, and Tulo's free. So it all works out.

Despite my earlier cynicism, plugging Tulo into that infield, with Andujar, Torres and a BIT ODD, seeing as he'll be the only one over thirty, but as far as rentals go, he's a pretty great one, a bit better than Kevin Youkilis from 2013. He'll be a fantastic defensive option, go for a high average, and wade into a bench/DH option once Didi returns. And if Didi takes longer than expected, we could (hopefully) have a whole season from Tulo. I'm thinking he'll do well if he avoids injury, but I imagine my optimism will grow as the season gets closer.

So yeah. I'm all for Tulo in the Bronx. Let's just hope it lives up to expectations.

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  1. Yankees Forever!