Saturday, March 6, 2010

Everybody hates the Yankees

If there's one thing I've seen on my year in the blogosphere, it's the hatred of my team, the Yankees. I've always wondered why. They're a great team wtih great players, but nobody gives them any love.

Is it the fans? The New York fans are pretty obnoxious. When I went to the game in October, they were pretty damn vicious. But they still knew how to watch a game.

Is it the players. Everyone hates A-rod, for reasons that are quite obvious, but what I can't stand is why everyone hates Jeter, Jeter's one of the best players of the modern era, and you fans are treating him like just another crappy Yankee.

Is it the trades? We trade to get better players, which is what the Yankees are famous for, since we have a lot of money. Sabathia, Texiera, Burnett, Granderson, Hairston. All have been traded or signed, and because we all get the "good" players, everybody hates us. Why?

Is it me? No.

Is it Steinbrenner? The owner is one of the more loud characters in a while. He's an omious prescence who looms in the shadows and shows up to rob players of playing time. Sorta like Dracula.

Is it Sandman? No, everybody likes Rivera.

Is it the 27 series'. Maybe. The fact that we won 27, and everyone else is still in single digits it just overdoing it. It's like Obama taking 62 states in the next election.

Is it the fact that most people just need someone to hate because their team is doing so badly. That might be it.

But still, everyone hates to get Yankee cards, except the elite group of Yankee bloggers such as myself, and a few other people.


  1. posts like this are one of the reasons....

    Jeter is/was a below average shortstop at best. He is consistantly rated in the bottom of qualifying SS, yet the "media" gives him a Gold glove. There were far better SS than him, but they play in Texas and Kansas City... they don't even play baseball there, do they? Jeter is a very good hitter, but instead of using bricks, they made the new Yankee stadium out of his old gloves. Recycle, recycle!

    If the "media" had their way, it would be Red Sox vs Yankees 162 games a year.

    Love your team my friend, shout it from the rooftops. Argue with me about Jeter. That's what it's all about... I love it. But do you really not see why most baseball fans hate the Yankees?

  2. The Yankees are shoved down the throat of the baseball-loving public by the New York-loving media. ESPN is the biggest offender, but there are others. YES is an everlasting neon-sign proclaiming "LOOK HOW GREAT WE ARE -- MUCH GREATER THAN ANYONE ELSE"

    The fans play a definite part. As a New York resident I have come across more obnoxious Yankee fans than fans of all of the other teams put together. The Might Makes Right mind-set of the Yankees and many of their fans (not all) really turns me off.

    Some people may hate the Yankees because they need something to hate. I hate the Yankees because they give me so many reasons to hate.

    I could go on and on ...

  3. It isn't just the Yankees. It's all the New York teams as a collective whole. At least, that's the way I am raising my children.


    (except for Yogi)