Friday, March 19, 2010

What Cyber Trading has done for me

The Million Dollar Transmogrifier spat out a few unwanted cards, like a 1993 Scott Champarino, an 1987 Ron Roeneke and a 1989 Keith Hernandez...that I already had

I decided to make a few crappy trades that might never happen. Two of which didn't go through, and one really ridiculous one did. Hey, it may have been lopsided, but in my theory, trading a card for a card with the same team and the same year really helps.

The seller might not have known who the player he was giving up was. The seller may have been the dumbest seller on the face of the earth. Trading an unknown Marlins failed prospect for a really big star- I laugh just thinking about it. Because whose rookie was in 1993 and was on the Marlins?

I'll let you see for yourself

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