Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rating the Inserts- Topps 2010

I haven't posted in a while, so I'll make it up to you by dishing on this year's Topps inserts, sorta like I did with the gimmicks last year. 1 is the worst, 10 is the best.

Topps Town. It's a cool insert set, but it's still a shameless web promotion that's one per pack. And there are so many doubles. Jees, I haven't gotten a new TT card out of a pack in a while. 3.

Turkey Red. A lot of people are bashing Turkey Red this year. Why? It's a damn good insert set if you ask me. It has current stars, Hall of Famers and a cool design. Plus, it's a lot better than the actual TR sets Topps put out. 8.

Tales/History of the game- Two fun sets that are collectable, but aren't as good as the other ones. 5

Cards your mother threw out. I like this set, and that's why I'm trying to complete it. Seriously- if anyone has some CYMTO that they don't want, email me. 9

Peak Performances. Sorta like the Record Breakers set from '02. Okay. 6.

Legendary Lineage- I don't like this one. Maybe it's just that some players don't need comparison, AND THERE IS ALREADY SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN HERITAGE!!! 2

When they were young- ehhhhhh. 4

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