Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goodbye, Upper Deck

I was always a Topps collector, but every once in a while I would buy Upper Deck. Sometimes I did it to get some Masterpieces, sometimes I really like that year's base set, and sometimes Target didn't have any Topps left. But Upper Deck has always been a close second to Topps in my mind.

Yesterday, MLB told Upper Deck to stop making baseball cards, because of the unlicensed crap they've been putting out lately. Here's my question- Why didn't MLB tell them this BEFORE UD made the unlicensed cards. You try and take away something, to fix a problem, and then you have to limit it completely to fix an even bigger problem that you made when fixing the last one.

It's a sad story. Here are 5 reasons that I'll miss Upper Deck

5. The 1000 card base set. Topps these days usually has a 660 card set, along with an update set. Upper Deck, in 2 series, made a complete 1000 card set. Now granted, it was very hard to complete (unless you constantly get hobby boxes of it), but it's the right sixe of a base set, to me.

4. The great designs. Take their 93 set. It has a nice, solid design that's out of the norm for the white border set from the last 3 years. Take the 95 set, and the 2006 set. A few classic designs and a few great sets too.

3. Masterpieces.

2. The rookies. They used to designate the first few cards for rookies, and this have given us rookie cards of so many people...including...

1. The Card. Ken Griffey Jr.'s rookie card from UD is one of the most recognizable cards of that era, and it came from their first set in 89. Upper Deck was also a rookie in 89, and it's apparently been retired.

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