Sunday, May 23, 2010

Box O'Chicle

I went to Target today, and the baseball selection was HORRIBLE! All the baseball they had was Heritage, and I didn't want that. So I went to my other local Target, and they had the exact opposite- tons of cards, especially a box of Chicle, which I merrily purchased. Now here's the results.

Pack 1-
155- Vernon Wells
184- Phil Hughes. Yeah, way to go Topps. Just to soften the wound, you give me the current Yankee ace. That's better.
49- AAAAAADDRRIAAAANNNNNN...In a 70's uniform.

Pack 2-
252- Duke Snider
237- Thurman Munson
100- Adam Dunn
175- Dexter Fowler- Player Back!!!
159- Kenshin Kawakami
194- Tim Lincecum

Pack 3-
37- Ryan Howard. WOOOOOO!
92- Cole Hamels. WOOOOOOOOOO!
147- Jon Lester. CRAAAAAAAPP
105- Mark Reynolds
104- Justin Upton

Pack 4-
217- Frank Robinson. Okay, here's a burning question for you topps. Why is Frankie constantly shown in a Reds uniform, while he is most remembered as an Oriole. (And also, in my subscriber bank, the Oriole Red ratio is 3:1 Orioles).
262- Reid Gorecki
180- Freddy Sanchez
287- Ty Cobb in the modern Tiger uniform. Yeah...even you can't help Detroit this year, Ty.
269- Tommy Manzella
19- Jay Bruce. Again, what's with all the Reds?

Pack 5-
102- Adam Wainwright
157- Jimmy Rollins WOOOOOOOO1
60- JJ Hardy
312- Oooh, the much maligned Tyler Flowers/ Frank Thomas card. Ooh.
204- Carlos Gonzalez
234- Tris Speaker

Pack 6-
192- JD Droooooooooooo!
222- Lou Brock
47- Brandon Inge
10- Man Ram
54- Yunel Escobar
84- Hanley Ramirez

Pack 7-
22- Tim Wakefield Eating A Ball
137- Zack Grienke
95- Ryan Braun
196- Will Venable Player back
129- Nolan Reimold
169- Denard Span

Pack 8-
107- Mark Teixiera
187- Joe Saunders
235- Jackie Robinson
59- WANDY...Bazooka Back
199- Trevor Crowe
3- ICHIRO!!!

Well, even though I got a red sox game used, I'm still satisfied. The fact that the game used isn't why I love this product is one of the reasons. The design, the short prints, the legends. It's great.

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