Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Tournament of Bad Autographs Round Three

That's right Autograph deadheads, we've entered the Bad Auto sweet sixteen here at Mint Condition. The four autographs you will be voting on are the four that you, the bloggers, voted the worst autos EVER. They beat out legends like Prince Fielder, Miguel Tejada and Curtis Granderson for these spots, and now you will vote to send them to the semi-finals. Here are our competators.

Our first matchup features two pitchers. One horrible, one promising. Let's get the stinker out of the way. It's our #1 seed, Jason Jennings.

That looks more like a nametag on Bring Your Child to Work day

And he will be facing Number Four seed, Johnny Cueto

I take that back- THAT is the one reason why the Reds are second place overall.

Our next battle is two hitters- one a Yankee, the other an ex Pirate. First, let's get the Yankee. Third seed Nick Swisher.

Nick's auto is said every night during Hannukah

His Brutus- Number Two seed Bobby Bonilla

I don't know why, but I'm suddenly very hungry for pretzels.

Those are our matchups, now go ahead and vote. Remember, the winners will go onto the Semi Finals, where they will play each other for a seat in the final four. I know it's just for fun, but it still sounds awesome.

Remember to check out the other regions at JD's, Oncardautos and Drew's blogs. I'm too lazy to post the links, so check them out.

Polls are on the sidebar- VOTE!!!

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