Saturday, May 8, 2010

Retro Sets- What's your take

The buzz this week has mostly been about how awesome National Chicle looks. Seriously- with all the coverage over at Dayf's blog, and all the people saying if they like it or not, my eagerness to get a friggin pack of the stuff is slowly growing. And yes, loyal readers, you will see some packs of this on the blog soon. But the thing is that lately, there has been a sudden rush of retro sets.

Let's compare how it was in 2001 to how it was last year with retro products-

Bowman Heritage
Fleer Tradition
Topps Archives
Topps Heritage
Upper Deck Vintage

That's 5 retro products. Here's how it was last year-
Topps 206
Topps Allen and Ginter
Topps Heritage
Topps Heritage High Number (Thanks Dayf!)
Tristar Obak
Upper Deck Goodwin Champions
Upper Deck Goudey

Right there, that 7 of them. And so far in 2010, we have

Topps Heritage
Topps Heritage High Number
Topps National Chicle
Topps Allen and Ginter
Topps 206
Tristar Obak (I mean, it's bound to happen)

So far, we have 2 retros so far, and 3 coming soon. There might even be some more out there, but that would only prove my point.

So what's your take on the retro sets? Too much? Too little?


  1. Don't forget Topps Heritage High Numbers. That makes 8 for last year and 6 released or planned so far this year. I wouldn't put it past Topps to do a Baseball Mayo at the last minute for the Christmas buying season.

    I personally love Retro and will keep buying it until they stop or I run out of money. I can see how it could get very tedious for other collectors though.

  2. The old designs just don't "look right" with the modern players. I would rather see sets that pay homage to older designs without totally copying them. Something like 1988 Topps Big Baseball.