Sunday, January 4, 2015

Uncustomed Heroes of Baseball: Rockies

Yep. Still rolling these out. Still trying to get back my consistency. One post at a time I guess.

The Rockies didn't have the greatest season, but a lot of their younger stars broke out big this year, including Charlie Blackmon, who had an All Star season this year.

Corey Dickerson also broke out as an outfielder during Carlos Gonzalez' time on the disabled list, proving that he'll be able to start games next year, in the absence of Michael Cuddyer.

LaTroy Hawkins has been around for a while, and has hit 40, but had a really nice season as the Rockies' closer, and took his strange fan followers with him.

Finally, Jorge de la Rosa had another nice season as Colorado's top starter, and has built up a lot of success with the team.

Coming Tonight: I'll knock out the AL Champions.

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