Monday, January 5, 2015

Uncustomed Heroes of Baseball: Royals

I figured Salvador Perez, who broke out big time this year, and became one of the premiere catchers in the AL, deserved a really nice custom, so I whipped up an '88. I think this might be one of my best customs of 2014, though I'll be tallying those up once I'm done posting the new customs.

The Royals made the World Series and had an incredible season. I just wish they would have won the whole thing.

Jeremy Guthrie has been a durable starter since the mid-2000's, pitching through hard-luck Orioles teams before becoming one of the elder statesman of the Royals rotation. While he lacked the Shields-like 'best of the season' credentials, he was a formidable starter.

Jason Vargas has played for a couple different teams over the past few years, but I reckon this one was the most successful for him. He was a nice extra starter for them.

Coming Tonight- A few members of the Tigers.

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