Monday, January 5, 2015

Uncustomed Heroes of Baseball: Tigers

For a year without any real postseason accomplishments, the Tigers did a lot to improve their roster flaws, and relied on a lot more younger stars than usual, while keeping their veterans in check.

Torii Hunter, while he didn't have the season he had in 2013, still managed to hit hard enough to stay relevant. Next season he'll be returning home to Minnesota, and hopefully it'll be a warm welcome.

Nick Castellanos had a pretty nice rookie season, becoming the starting 3rd baseman a season after losing Prince Fielder, and making a name for himself as an offensive and defensive force. He'll likely stick around.

In 2013, Max Scherzer rose out from under Justin Verlander's dominance to become the best pitcher in Detroit. This season it was Rick Porcello's turn, as his summer was especially consistent. Next season he'll be pitching for Boston.

J.D. Martinez was in Houston last season. Thankfully, he was moved to Detroit, where he became one of the more underrated stars of the lineup, slowly working his way into an everyday outfield spot that would intensify upon Austin Jackson's departure.

Alex Avila has become a nice bat, after his breakout season in 2011. He's a consistent catcher who has started hitting really well this year, as evidenced by this awesome photo.

Thanks to Alfredo Simon, Anibal Sanchez will likely be the fourth or fifth starter in Detroit, however he's still a strong arm, and has had a couple of nice seasons with the Tigers.

Meanwhile, Rajai Davis became one of the Tigers' most trusted utility outfielders, being a great player though not playing everyday.

Joakim Soria had the comeback of the season, going from an injured extra reliever in Texas to a trusted reliever in Detroit. Hopefully his comeback tour will continue next season.

Coming Tomorrow- A couple standouts from the Twins.

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