Friday, March 13, 2015

Customs for the Comedian

I don't talk about this a lot on the blog, but I'm actually an aspiring comedian. I've been spending a lot of time lately writing material for stand-up, and working on that stuff. So when I found out that Will Ferrell, one of my idols and inspirations, was gonna be spending Thursday driving through Arizona and throwing on as many MLB uniforms as he could, well I figured I had to do something.

I didn't get a hell of a lot of photos from his day in the Spring Training, but I did find four of the teams he played for. So, naturally, I made four custom cards for one of my favorite comedic actors.

Here he is pitching for the Dodgers, and looking elegant atop the mound. 

Meanwhile, he also played shortstop for the A's, and made it a point to screw with Brett Lawrie for a good portion of the inning. 

My favorite one. Not only do I love this one because of the look on his face, and the position, but the surprised and amused expression on the coach behind the fence. That is priceless.

If I find anymore photos from the festivities yesterday, I'll customize and post them.

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  1. Nice! These look like actual cards....once I see that it's Will Ferrell it throws me off though, haha. My favorite one would probably the Dodger's card, that pose is hilarious.