Monday, April 4, 2016

Custom Card of the Day: Holland Edition

I'm still kind of baffled how, in a season all about the rise of the underdog Astros, the Texas Rangers came out on top. Yeah, they were pretty good, and had some rookies come up huge like Delino Jr., and their pitching staff improved and looked consistent for the first time since 2012.

It also helps that Derek Holland, when he's healthy, is pretty intimidating. Yes, the main problem with this 2016 Rangers team is that, for a month or so, they will not have Yu Darvish. So they will be relying on Derek Holland and Colby Lewis to keep the rest of the kids in line, so that they can have as few problems as possible on the rotation front.

The lineup is pretty much there, though. Odor and Andrus are great defensive players, Mitch Moreland's stepped up in a big way, and Adrian Beltre is a few more concrete stats away from Cooperstown. Plus, Prince is hitting again, which is always a plus. A lot of things are working well for the Rangers, and they have more of a case for the pennant race than the Angels, who, Trout notwithstanding, are beginning to fall apart.

Coming Tonight (!!!)- The Rays are kind of yawn-inducing this year, but this guy's one of the few reasons left to keep coming to games.

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