Monday, April 18, 2016

The Price of Relevancy in Boston

Last November...the bad guys won.

David Price going to Boston was a nightmare that I wished would never come true. And yet, here he is, top of the post, in Boston red-and-white. There it is. This is happening, and nobody can stop it.

Right now the Red Sox are 6-6. This is the part of the year where everything's really close, and you can't really tell how the year's gonna go by who's on first or who's last. But right now, the Sox are essentially tied for 2nd in the AL East with the Blue Jays. Dunno if it means anything for how it's gonna be in September, but you never know.

The one structural problem with the Red Sox is this, and it has to do with David Price. You see, over the offseason the Red Sox got David Price...then they got Craig Kimbrel, then they did some tightening to get Wade Miley and some others off the roster. And that was it. They didn't really do a ton to tighten the lineup, which was odd.

The Red Sox this year is filled with a ton of extraneous parts that can fit in twelve different places. Travis Shaw and Brock Holt were spare parts last year, and they're both basically starters by now. The guys they hired to hit last year, Sandoval and HanRam, haven't especially worked. Pablo Sandoval's on the DL, and Hanley Ramirez is hitting, but had to be moved to first base, because Hanley in the outfield was too pathetic for words.

The lineup is...generally pretty unfinished. I'm not sure if they can do too much with how they have it right now, as nothing really seems to be in place (except a few of the outfield spots, shortstop, second base, and the DH spot). There's a lot that needs to be done. I love that they're winning games, and I love that Price is hustling in some momentum, but...I'll be seriously surprised if they make a postseason run.

Coming Tomorrow- Last year he broke big with Baltimore. Now he's trying to keep the Marlins out of last.

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