Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Short(Stop) Story, Long Baller

Now, normally I don't rush customs to the top of the pile, but when someone hits two home runs against the toughest pitcher in baseball...that's not only front page news, that's your top...uh...story...

It's funny...pre-season assessments, I took a notice that Trevor Story made it to the starting SS spot, mostly due to the absence of Jose Reyes. Being that the Rockies are projected to land in last this year, I sort of thought he was a holdover until somebody else big got there. Evidently not.

I'm personally pretty glad Trevor Story came up in a big way last night, because that infield was one or two pieces away from being concrete. Story, DJ LeMahieu and Nolan Arenado together could be pretty amazing. If Mark Reynolds behaves this year, we could have a solid four.

The one thing is that Trevor Story's feat of hitting two home runs against Zack Greinke on Opening Day could be his only achievement. He could bat .180 the rest of the year. I still think it's pretty great that he's never played in an MLB game before, and right now he's leading the NL in home runs. That's a fun little stat.

I don't know how Trevor Story's gonna do the rest of the year, because this time last year we were going mad about Devon Travis, and he's not done much since. But it's nice to think, hey, he could be pretty good.

Coming Tomorrow- That Cardinal I spoke of last night

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