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Nostalgic Box Break: 1991 Stadium Club Series 2 (Part One)

Alright. I've had some boxes backlogged. It's summer. I guess it's time to shell 'em out.

As I've mentioned MANY TIMES on the blog, one of my quests in terms of blogging and collecting is to (attempt to) collect and complete every Stadium Club set of its original run (1991 to 2003). I know it's ambitious, I know it's a stupid idea, but...I've yet to figure out a better one.

So, as part of my quest to knock out all of the attainable sets, I figured I'd go for the most accessible, and cheapest, of the remaining sets, and went with 1991 SC. The very top of the catalog. The premier, and possibly best, Stadium Club set of all time (2015 SC be damned). At 600 cards in two series, it's very collectable; there are no short prints, no gimmicks, and the collation, while VERY 90s, does allow for nearly a full set. So, let's see how I do here, with Series 2 (yes, the one with the Bagwell rookie)

36 packs. 12 cards per pack. Each box yields 432 cards, so we're looking at least 132 dupes...which is fun. 

Pack 1-
Needs: 12/12
People looking to the left: 3/12
Actual Amazing, Stadium Club-caliber photos: 1/12 (again, it's the first try they had)

Sample static photography work. Nothing special here, as Cory Snyder looks positively thrilled, but the cropping, especially on the Bergman card, is definitely there.

More realistically-SC photos, even though we haven't exactly hit a star card yet (even in 1991), unless you're a Braves fan who collects Jeff Blauser.

Pack 2-
Needs: 12/12
Orioles Heroes: 2/12
Players Whose Kid Played for the Orioles Along With Him: 1/12
Hall of Famers Whose Kid Played for the Orioles Along With Him: 1/12

Thaaaat's better. The thrill of airborne, late-career Rick Dempsey (on the Brewers!), and the contemplation of pre-trade Roberto Kelly.

Pitcher magic. I like how zoomed-out these two are, and the contrast between outfield wall colors. Mesa's was obviously taken in Toronto. Also, great that Mesa was the last card I needed to complete the 1992 SC set, and I'm getting him early on here.

Tim, or ROCK as they call him here, Raines was my HOFer highlight, though Baines is a fun guy to collect. I also really like the Offerman photo.

Pack 3-
Needs: 12/12
Hall of Famers: 1/12
Borderline Hall of Famers: 2/12
Pro Football Hall of Famers: 1/12

A moment with the Twins. The Harper looks kinda awkward, possibly due to the mustache, and it not being 1986. 
Two great players in very unfamiliar uniforms. Gibson played for the Royals for one season, while Baltimore was one of the many stops on Dewey Evans' farewell run in the early 90s. 

Tony Gwynn looks so damn happy here, I can't take it. Yes, the weight gain is beginning to show around here, but he's still among the greats. And Deion, fresh out of a Yankee uniform, looks to be at his usual football speed.

Pack 4-
Needs: 11/12
Dupes: 1/12
Hall of Famers: 2/12

Famed journeyman DH Chili Davis and Tigers mega-prospect Milt Cuyler

Two guys who did a little better- Jeff Conine, who was an unlikely steady hitter on a ton of teams, and Devon White, one of the anchors of the 90s Jays teams.

And two HOFers at opposite sides of the age spectrum. Gary Carter, pictured as a Dodger, was about to round his last season in the bigs. Meanwhile, Randy Johnson was just finding his control and was beginning his reign as the Mariners' ace.

Pack 5-
Needs: 12/12
Guys Who'd Last Well into the Late 2000s: 2/12 (Mercker and Stanton)

Mercker, back in his days of relief in Atlanta, looking oddly menacing. I also really like that Grebeck shot for some reason. 

Some pretty cool catcher shots, though I prefer the Decker because of the angle, and the expression.

Pack 6-
Needs: 12/12
Guys Standing Around Doing Nothing: 1/12
Guys Sitting Around Looking Really Stoned: 1/12
HOFers: 1/12

Ken Oberkfell looks like he's got a cab running. 
Kelly Gruber has a nice, inoffensive swing shot.

CAL!!! IN 1991!!! Still one of the best
Even Willie McGee's looking over in awe of Cal. 

Pack 7-
Needs: 12/12
Team Legends: 3/12
Hall of Famers: 1/12 
Yes, Brady Anderson would be a few years away from his monster 1996 season, but he was just starting out as a steady bat for Baltimore. Meanwhile, Charlie Leibrandt looks pretty great from this angle.

I really like the Jerald Clark one. So simple. BP, and anticipation. Nice use of muted colors. The Garces ain't bad either, with the emphasis on the flag in the background. 

Andre Dawson, still in his Chicago prime, looking like a beast on the base paths. Meanwhile, Vince Coleman pulling off a really nice steal (in Mets colors), against some pretty ugly 1991 Expos uniforms.

Pack 8-
Needs: 7/12
Dupes: 5/12

Not much to say about this pack, but I do miss the loud colored uniforms of the 1990s. 

Pack 9-
Needs: 7/12
Dupes: 5/12
Borderline HOFers: 1/12
Philly Legends: 2/12

Great photography here. I love Riles' lunge, and I also love the layering of the background, with the stadium and BP stuff going on behind Cerutti. 

We end on these two pitchers, both loved in Philly. Moyer's still 15 years away from playing there, though. Greene's still got a presence in Philly, though.

I'll post the next 9 either tomorrow or Tuesday, but I wanna get this one out relatively quickly, as I've got more waiting. 

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