Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Stars are Out: Sports That Aren't Baseball Edition

We'll start this Stars are Out cluster of, well, in my opinion, lesser sports, with a big one. A guy who's been waiting years to get a chance to win a Stanley Cup, and...finally nabs one. Alex Ovechkin, the closest thing Washington has to a superstar right now. I'm happy he finally got one, and that he looks really triumphant throwing out this first pitch at Nationals Park.

Onto a Chicago Blackhawk, Brian Campbell, who won a Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks back in 2010, and is still going strong for them. Unlike Patrick Kane, who I customized in a Cubs card, Campbell seems pretty loyal to the South Side, which is a nice touch. The White Sox are one of those teams that does get a variety of different fringier people throwing out the first pitch, so seeing Campbell there is a nice change of pace.

Moving onto a recent NBA draftee, Donte DiVincenzo sported a cool little Brewers throwback jersey in making his mark as a Milwaukee Buck at Miller Park. As the Bucks haven't been relevant for a bit (speaking as a fringe NBA fan), hopefully DiVincenzo will help bring the team back...though, not enough to take down the 76ers or anything.

Yes, Olympic athletes count here too; Nastia Liukin, a former US Olympic gymnast who won a ton of medals for the country, and...if I recall correctly, did pretty well on Dancing With the Stars, was on hand to throw out the first pitch for the Angels, rather than appearing for the more-prevalent LA squad. Even though her gymnastics career seems to have concluded, she seems to be happy to be back in the spotlight in Anaheim.

And finally, I feel like Seattle legend Russell Wilson may have gotten a few decibels of applause when he showed up at Safeco Field. He's done a ton of Mariners first pitches, and this time he dressed down comparatively (no Mariners jersey or anything), but he does seem passionate about appealing to Seattle sports fans.

I'll have more of these soon, probably in the realm of entertainment and performers.

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