Monday, May 5, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Gomez Edition

The Brewers are still being talked about.

This is kinda funny, because by this point last year, the Brewers had already peaked and fell by this point. And I was mumbling about Triscuits.

But yeah, the Brewers may be a legitimate threat this year! The Pirates are slumping, the Cardinals are FINALLY playing as terribly as I want them to, and nobody is really expecting the Cubs or Reds to swoop in for the kill, although the Reds could totally get hot soon.

So, with the rest of the NL Central slumping, and the resurgence of four of the team's top arms, the Brewers have become a force to be reckoned with. Please keep in mind, Ryan Braun is on the DL. They are doing most of this without Ryan Braun. Seriously.

Carlos Gomez is the one securing most of the income for the Brewers, which is nice, because last season was terrific for him. I know he got into trouble two weeks ago, but I still think he's a great player, and he's the kind of person that the team should build themselves around.

Will the Brewers remain relevant in a month's time? I have absolutely no idea. Which is better than saying yes or no, because I'd just be wrong.

Coming Tomorrow- The reigning NL ROY.

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