Sunday, May 11, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Hamilton Edition

Do you know how long I have been waiting to make, let alone post, a Billy Hamilton custom?

Since 2012.

2012 was the year that Hamilton went on an absolute rampage for a minor league affiliate of the Reds, stealing practically any base he came into contact with. And the more I heard about him, the more I desperately wanted this dude to make it to the MLB. Why? Because if I could get a shot of him stealing a base, it would be absolutely amazing.

So, last year, I waited for a good 5 months. And nothing happened. The Reds smoothly sailed along. Homer Bailey had a no-no. Joey Votto had a nice season. Brandon Phillips played as well as he usually does and just THEN got recognition, making him the Black Keys of the MLB (wait...does that mean his 2014 season's gonna suck? Yeah, I said it.) And I just sat there, patiently waiting for them to bring this kid up.

Well they did. In September. This gave me exactly ONE MONTH to find a good enough photo, one that could be zoomed wide enough, and didn't in ANY WAY look boring or commonplace. And in one month's time, my trusty photo source managed to absolutely crap out, bringing me generic, boring Billy Hamilton photos. I was going into conniptions. I thought I'd never make a custom of him.

And then...and then...and gentlemen, and then...*

2014 came along. The Reds were nice enough to give Billy Hamilton a starting job. Which meant MORE BILLY HAMILTON PHOTOS FOR ME! So I waited a good month for the right photo to come around, and BOOM! It was there.

So if this custom is in anyway disappointing...I'll probably just make another one the second I get a better photo. Because I'm a perfectionist like that.

Coming Tomorrow (?): Two players on one custom. Have I ever done that before? No. Is there a good enough reason? Yes.

(* I'm pretty sure the people who would get that reference aren't reading this blog. Though you never really know. Either way, somewhere Ben Vereen gets a royalty.)

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