Friday, May 9, 2014

Custom Card of the Night: Darvish Edition

Due to my fear of jinxing a probable MLB event, I'm not commenting on this custom until the Rangers game ends. Then I'll talk.

You'll have to wait one inning for all of this to boil over, to paraphrase Simon Pegg.

(Eleven Minutes Later)

It has come to my attention that I cannot catch a fricking break.

Exactly one inning away from Yu Darvish pitching a no-hitter. What do I do? Post a card of him, basically in the hopes of him finishing the no-hitter. What does David Ortiz do? Kindly bash the no-hitter out of Yu Darvish's hands, making me look like an idiot, and Darvish look like he cannot simply pitch a no hitter, something that Nolan Ryan could do in his sleep.

I mean....THIS POOR GUY! TWICE NOW, he's come so damn close to pitching a no-hitter, and TWICE NOW he's failed miserably. What rotten luck. I think he needs a hug. I know it's kinda rare for me to say that about someone on the Rangers, but this guy needs a serious hug.

He's a great pitcher, too. He's had a few really nice seasons, and has become a premier Japanese import. It's just sad that these things happen to him.

Coming Tomorrow (?)- A speedy Reds outfield prospect.

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