Thursday, May 29, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Sale Edition

I shelved this one for a month when Sale ended up on the DL, but now that he's back, and now that he's throwing fire again, I have an excuse to post this.

Chris Sale's claim to fame is being basically the only great pitcher on the White Sox, making him the equivalent of Felix Hernandez in Seattle before Iwakuma came along.

Chris Sale can be a consistent pitcher when he's really good, yet every season there's always the "Chris Sale Injury Break", which Chicago fans have come to expect, which basically halts most of the momentum, and the team loses sales, until Sale comes back (HAHA! A PUN!)

However, this year the momentum kept going in Chicago after Sale was sidelined, due to the exploits of one Jose Abreu, who is having a monster rookie season, and basically turning into Yoenis Cespedes for the deep-dish crowd. Plus, the team is hitting for the first time since the 2000's. People are doing their jobs. Konerko is having a nice final season.

So when Sale actually got back, he had more support than just a thin roster and a vacant pitching staff. He was the top pitcher for a good team. And that's all the support he needed.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the best hitters in baseball, coming out of Colorado.

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