Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2016 Topps Update Hobby Box (Part Three)

I realize now, as we begin Part 3 of this box, a month after I broke it, that breaking into 4 parts may have been a bad idea.

Still, this has been a box, as I pulled an autograph of the AL Rookie of the Year, and a negative parallel of Jose Altuve, but, as usual, my November hasn't allowed me as many opportunities to post as I'd like. I do wanna hop back on that though, as I have one or two ideas.

But for now...part 3 of the box. 9 more packs of Update. We can get through this.

 Pack 19-
# of Players No Longer Playing for Pictured Team: 3/10 (Four if the Jays let go of Edwin)
#of Former Phillies: 1/10
# of Future Phillies: 1/10

 A few...surprisingly irrelevant veterans. Lowrie did his best in Oakland, but Juan Uribe found himself DFA'd as the Indians moved closer to October. Revere...did his best, but was one of the more ineffective members of the Nationals offense.

 I had no idea when I shot this, but pictured here is a former Yankee and a soon-to-be Phillie. I'm just that good.

 Two AL East standouts- Mark Trumbo had a killer season in Baltimore, and Edwin Encarnacion made a case for Best DH reign after Papi's absence.

 Pack 20-
Killer Bench Players: 3/10
Chicago Pitchers: 2/10
Short People: 2/10

 Freese and Pearce had nice enough seasons off the bench. Chris Sale is still searching for a Cy Young season, and it's looking like he'll likely get it away from Comiskey.

 An Altuve, a HRD Trumbo, another Ichiro insert, and Jon Lester. 2016 in a nutshell.

 Pack 21-
Rangers: 2/10
WHAT THE-: 1/10
Cool Rookies: 2/10
Cool Cubs: 2/10

 Jameson Taillon's rookie is a pretty nice one. Meanwhile...WAIT, WHAT? That's...that's a SECOND Steve Pearce card, vs. the one we got last pack? Why did we need TWO Steve Pearce base cards in Update? I'm very confused.

 Ben Zobrist makes a big play in the ASG, while our First Pitch insert is of Boston Marathon survivor Jeff Bauman, soon to be played by Jake Gyllenhaal in a movie I believe.

 Matt Bush's rookie is one I've been waiting awhile for. Chris Coghlan's back in Chicago where he belongs. Andrew Cashner's been moved to Arlington, but this card's a nice memento of his atrocious finish in Miami.

 Pack 22-
Japanese Players: 2/10
Sights I figured I'd never see again: 1/10
Green Monsters: 1/10
 Seung-Hwan Oh made a mark taking over for Trevor Rosenthal as the Cardinals closer, while Matt Joyce did some nice stuff off the bench in Pittsburgh.

 Fernando Rodney was a late addition to the ASG roster, but still did his thing in San Diego. Speaking of, Wil Myers was one of the few good things about the Padres this year.

 AJ Ramos' card is pretty fun. Johnny Cueto's is just ferocious.

 Pack highlights include Byung-Ho Park's rookie, THE RETURN OF JOSE REYES AS A MET, which warms my heart, and a cool First Pitch card of cancer survivor Brady Kahle.

 Pack 23-
Cool Rookies: 2/10
Former/Current Mets: 2/10
NL Central: 5/10

 Nomar Mazara's RD card, which is kinda nice, plus a rookie for Pirates hurler Chad Kuhl.

 Daniel Murphy and Brandon Belt, performing in deserved ASG spots.

 A 3000 Hit Club insert of Stan the Man Musial, and a base card of Asdrubal Cabrera and Curtis Granderson, celebrating a 2nd place finish.

 Pack 24-
People Who Allegedly DIDN'T take steroids: 2/10
Awesome Rookies: 2/10
Product Placements: 2/10
New York-related cards: 4/10

 Julio Urias is likely going to be much more powerful in 2017. But in 2016...he was alright.

 A trio of really nice photos. Taillon's my favorite of the three- whole stadium's there.

 Again, the landscapes are this set's strength- that David Ortiz is just a fantastic card all around.
Cano's is also nice, and...I forgot Will Harris was an All Star.

 Also, here's Ryan Braun in another insert/advertisement for Franklin.

 Pack 25-
Ugh. Ton of dupes in here.
Former Yankees: 4/10
 Robbie Cano had a nice go in the Home Run Derby, Eduardo Nunez was the lone All Star Twin before the trade, and here's another Ichiro insert.

 Pack 26-
Former Cubs: 1/10
Current Cubs: 2/10
Yankees: 2/10

 Romine was a steady backup this year, but Ben Zobrist (GOLD #'D TO 2016) had the better season, even nabbing an AS nod.

 Meanwhile, Dexter Fowler also had an amazing season, and Miguel Cabrera's was an excellent return to form for the almost definite Hall of Famer.

 I was really happy with how Starlin Castro did in his first season in New York. Nothing near his rookie season in Chicago, but not too bad.

 Pack 27-
People I Did Not Expect to be Good in 2016: 2/10

 Lucas Giolito didn't wow people in his rookie season, but he'll grow. Jackie Bradley FINALLY made his mark on Boston, and Jedd Gyorko had a killer season off the bench.

Frenchy, Jhoulys, Sam Dyson, and Salvador Perez. Cool stuff.

That was Part 3. I'll try to throw the last part on here relatively soon.

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