Friday, November 18, 2016

MVPs: Yeah, That Sort of Makes Sense..

I'll get this out of the way first- I called Kris Bryant as the MVP months ago with the way he was playing. He elevated the whole 'sophomore' thing, and played like an absolute pro, helping the force in Chicago attain that World Series. Last season was a nice little accolade, but 2016 is the season that proves that Kris Bryant is for real, and might become one of the best players in baseball fairly soon.

Speaking of the best player in baseball...

I did not call this one, though.

Honestly, I had absolutely no idea who the AL MVP would be, and was sort of leaning towards Jose Altuve, but not getting too attached. Still...Mike Trout may not have been on an outstanding roster, but he had a fantastic season, worthy of his second MVP. So...I'm not really complaining, especially considering the gloves on that custom sort of predicted the whole thing, which is nice.

I guess the MLB awards committee did pretty well this year. Not PERFECT, but still pretty well.

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