Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cy Youngs: Milestone and Debatable

Unlike the Rookie of the Year awards, the Cy Young results were slightly harder to gauge, at least in my opinions. Max Scherzer's win was, in fact, the one I guessed correctly, but by a hair.

Scherzer had a fantastic season, proving that he's a true strikeout artist, and one of the most valuable arms in the game. He's also done the Halladay feat of winning a Cy Young in both leagues. Keep in mind that this is someone that was essentially a throwaway in the Curtis Granderson deal...which also means that with some rejiggering the Yankees could have had him, but I digress.

Scherzer deserved it, and I was pleased with that one. In terms of the AL one...

Look, maybe it was the playoff performance still dancing in my head, but I kind of thought that Corey Kluber was going to take this one. Instead, Rick Porcello's fantastic record and his dominance on the season got him the honor.

I understand that the Cy Young award is all about awarding the best pitching on that year, but I'm not sure if Rick Porcello has many Cy Young-caliber seasons after this one. He's a good pitcher that's had some good seasons and, in the case of 2016, had one great season. I don't know if he's got enough in the tank to be a consistent career pitcher now. Corey Kluber and Justin Verlander say that a bit more than he does.

Still, happy for him, and I do think he had a great season, but I would have gotten a different pick.

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