Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Chapman Comes Around?

There hasn't been a lot of concrete news worth reporting in a while. Andrew Cashner signed with the Rangers...for some reason. The Cardinals wasted a few million on a four year deal for a middle reliever. There hasn't been anything big, so for now, all the news outlets are resorting to speculation.

Today...the SPECULATION hot stove pulled out a nice one. According to a report (which is most sportswriters' favorite phrase at this point in the offseason), Aroldis Chapman has been quoted in saying he wants to come back to the Bronx.

Now...that kind of sort of makes sense. Look, Aroldis Chapman just won a World Series ring with the Cubs, but the problem was that Joe Maddon overplayed him towards the end, and sort of threw up that Chapman card a bit too many cards- Mike Montgomery had to pitch the last out of the series because Chapman was too overworked. So Chapman wants to be somewhere that actually pitches him correctly...and the Yankees did a pretty nice job of that, back when they had their Three-Headed Monster. Andrew Miller's gone, but they can still do enough with Dellin Betances and a potential Chapman return.

And look, I get why Cashman traded him, because he thought the Yanks were going under and he didn't want to take any chances, but...Chapman A.) Liked playing in New York, and B.) Arguably did better in New York than he did in Chicago. So getting him back would be a very wise idea. Money would be that variable, but...the Yankees have a bit of that now that all the older players and a few of the contracts are going.

Again, right now this is just speculation, and at this point it could be wrong- he might end up re-signing with Chicago, or going to the Marlins or something. We don't know. I'd like for him to come back to New York, personally, but this isn't about me.

So all I can do right now is HOPE Aroldis Chapman returns to New York.

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