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2016 Topps Update Series Hobby Box: Part Two

A few days ago I began the...I guess 'annual' now...break of the latest issue of Topps Update. The hit, and the /65 parallel, came almost instantly. So, now that the drama's passed, we can resume with the break with the expectations rightfully lowered.

Ten Packs, because I should have done an extra one last post, coming right up.

 Pack 9-
Boston-related cardboard: 2/10
People the Yankees Traded this July: 3/10
People Who I never Thought I'd Ever see on a Topps card: 2/10

Topps finally listened to collectors (read: me), and decided to throw some First Pitch cards into Update, which does raise some questions about the insert set's longevity into 2017, but it's still nice enough as it is- besides, this one's got Jake Gyllenhaal on a baseball card, which I can't complain about.
Also, a reminder that Xander Bogaerts was fantastic this season.

Three guys that were indeed wearing Yankee uniforms earlier this season. I'd say that Miller did the best out of the three, but Beltran and Nova still had nice enough seasons in new uniforms.

Yeah, Shelby Miller, bla bla, but MORE IMPORTANTLY...THAT is MATT WIETERS on a Topps card...something I feared would never occur. Now that we're got Wieters back, the last frontier's been crossed, and I think we have pretty much every major (good) player I collect on Topps' payroll.

Pack 10-
Chicago World Series Heroes: 2/10
Philadelphia Rookies: 1/10

Aybar was already in Detroit by the time this series was released. Russell had a pretty nice sophomore season, while that Lind card basically sums up his season in Seattle.

Jose Quintana facing the fact that he might be the White Sox' #1 starter next year, and Aroldis Chapman facing the fact that someone else other than him got the last out of that series.

Brett Lawrie did pretty well his first year in Chicago, while Tommy Joseph had a pretty nice rookie season. Meanwhile, Cal Ripken is Cal Ripken.

Pack 11-
Yankees That Didn't Play a Ton This Year: 4/10
All Star Cards of people in different uniforms now: 1/10

Two Yankee rookies that...aren't especially the ones we came here to see.
Ender Inciarte actually had a pretty nice season, but it was for the last place Braves, so...

Aaron Hicks was essentially Chris Young this season. Mookie Betts was essentially keeping Chris Young out of a job this season.

Jonathan Lucroy waits for someone to trade for him, while...that is a really, really cool ASG card of Adam Duvall. I'm impressed.

These Fire inserts are cool, but hella busy. At least I got Thor.

Pack 12-
Absolutely Amazing Shots that I'd Probably Use: 3/10
NL Cy Young Candidates: 2/10
Eric Hosmer nabbed the ASG MVP, which causes for a nice shot here. Meanwhile, Max Scherzer and Kenley Jansen got some pretty nice ASG cards here.

Horizontal Time!
Tyler Flowers' is a nice dugout shot, and Ichiro's insert is cool, but...the Brandon Moss card is something to be beheld. Something that should have been in Stadium Club, probably. Also, the Reddick one is nice, even if he didn't have the greatest season in LA.

Pack 13-
Tiger-related cardboard: 2/10
Kind-of-big Offseason Trades: 4/10

Denard Span actually did a pretty nice job for the Giants, even if they didn't fulfill the 'even year' thing. Blake Snell had a solid rookie season, and Francisco Rodriguez had another really nice season, and the Tigers have indeed picked him up for 2017.

Four more hella cool horizontals. Agsin, the Ichiro card is nice, but I do adore that Martinez and Cabrera combo card- like something from the 90's. The Simmons is a great action shot, and the Maeda is a great moment, especially for a Rookie Debut.

Pack 14-
Cool Dugout Shots: 2/10
ASG Cards of People on Different Teams Now: 2/10
Odd Product Placements: 1/10

Aledmys Diaz had a nice season putting Jhonny Peralta out of a job, while Robinson Cano went back to flat-out dominating. I'm fearing that Drew Pomeranz' good work this season was a fluke, though.

Nomar Mazara's rookie will hopefully prove its worth in the next few years. Meanwhile, Marcell Ozuna's ASG card is pretty fun, and Nunez' is a nice field shot.

As for this...Franklin apparently wanted to do a tie-in insert set. Yeah, the photos are kinda nice,'s a bit off-putting that the product signage is a little better than the player name.

Pack 15-
ASG Cards: 4/10
Cerebral Comedians from the 80's: 1/10
Potentially the AL Rookie of the Year: 1/10

Two nice solid season-worthy cards, with a nice airborne shot from Yunel Escobar, and a nice zoomed in shot of Steven Wright.

Corey Seager had a wonderful season, is probably gonna nab the ROY, and did well in his first All Star Game. Jeurys Familia...okay, he had a good SEASON, I guess...

Corey Kluber's ASG nod was just foreshadowing his unbelievable postseason run, while Brad Brach's was a nice little souvenir for the middle-reliever.

Michael Fulmer had a pretty nice season, and it'll be either him or that catcher dude from New York getting the AL Rookie of the Year.

Pack 16-
World Series Heroes: 2/10
NL Central: 5/10
NL Central Circa 2009: 6/10

I think it's slightly alarming that Topps is still counting Stephen Piscotty as a rookie, but whatever. Anthony Rizzo's All Star card made me less angry about that.

Roberto Clemente, one of the greatest ballplayers of all time, and Albert Almora, a Cubs rookie with some promise.

Pack 17-
Oriole-related cardboard: 2/10
AL East: 4/10
April Ludgate: 1/10

Ah, one of the few First Pitch cards, besides potentially Chance the Rapper, that I was outwardly looking for when I got this box- Aubrey Plaza, star of Parks and Recreation, scene stealer from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and the current master of deadpan. She's pretty funny, and this First Pitch card is a pretty damn great one.

Fulmer, adding to the fact that this is probably a Michael Fulmer hot box, in his RD subset, while Jeremy Hellickson searches for where he'll be pitching in 2017.

Hey, remember the ALCS? Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Ramirez sure do!

Lots of fun ASG cards, with lots of players hanging together, and a nice Matt Wieters card as well. Plus, Manny Machado's ASG card.

Pack 18-
Cubs-related cardboard: 2/10
Semi-relevant rookie pitchers: 2/10
Insanely Rare Parallels: 1/10

Aaron Nola had a slightly less cool sophomore season, but hopefully he'll be better next season. Doug Fister did a nice job covering for a slumping Dallas Keuchel.

Craig Sager, the broadcaster who must be thrilled about his Cubs, throws out the first pitch there, next to Albert Almora's Rookie card.

Mark Melancon helping the Pirates close out the ASG, before his trade to Washington. Meanwhile, Edwin Diaz and Jose Berrios had nice enough rookie seasons.

This absolutely awesome Black and White negative parallel is...something to be beheld. It's not numbered, but it's a pretty rare parallel, and it's of a legitimately great player. I'm pretty happy with this one.

I'll post Part 3 in the next few days.

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