Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Fairly Obvious Rookies of the Year

...Not a lot of surprise for this first batch of awards, to be honest.

Corey Seager was a unanimous pick for the NL award, and honestly nobody else came close- Seager flat-out dominated for the Dodgers, and made a case for not only ROY honors, but an MVP as well. So that one I kinda saw coming.

In terms of Fulmer, I was foreseeing a bit of a scuffle between him and Gary Sanchez, but since Fulmer had a fuller season than Sanchez, as well as having a bit more consistency, I kind of figured he'd take the award, and sure enough...he did. Nice pull for Fulmer. Not sure if he's for real, but it'd be nice to see him and Verlander team up over the next few seasons.

Now, onto the awards that I'm not exactly sure about...

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