Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cutch: Ode to a Hero

To see a hero in his days of youth
Then see said hero grow into a star
Solidifies the hope, to tell the truth,
that said hero's reign will last quite far.
The accolades and merits shower through
The hope of a once-dead franchise returns
But when the new breed enters in there, too
The hero doesn't scorch the earth- he burns.
The fan base starts to think the legend's spent
As other heroes burst into the fold
As several wonder where the hero went
The others conclude simply-- 'he got old'.
But hope still holds--in Pittsburgh, very much--
For one last charge from their dear hero, Cutch.

2017 could be a big year for Andrew McCutchen, and as a fan from the beginning, I hope he comes back in a big way.

Coming Tomorrow- Another one of my favorite players, this one having suited up for one of my least-favorite teams.

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