Saturday, March 11, 2017

What Happens When a Favorite Joins the Enemy

It didn't take Chris Sale a lot to become one of my favorite players.

He's around my height and build, and he throws fire. He was one of the best pitchers on the White Sox for a half-decade, he nearly won a Cy Young, and became one of the foremost strikeout artists in baseball. When I went to Comiskey, and around when I started my habit of nabbing a jersey-shirt from each of the stadiums I visited, I had to get a Chris Sale jersey. Nobody else made sense.

Well, this year, the exact thing I didn't want to happen to Chris Sale...happened to Chris Sale. Boston. Freaking Boston.

I'm not gonna hope that Sale doesn't have a great season- hell, that's the opposite of what I want. It's typical for Fenway to get the best of terrific left-handed arms, and I want Chris Sale to have an amazing season regardless of the different winds. I want him to outdo the cynics, even if we're probably looking at another case of 'would have been a Hall of Famer if he'd have stayed in Chicago'. I know it's a lot to hope for, but as someone who's rooted for Sale, it's valid.

I will say that a rotation starting with Porcello, Sale and Price will be pretty ferocious in the AL East, so much so that it's probably gonna be difficult for anyone else, especially the Yankees, to get a word in edgewise...THAT IS, if these three players are all healthy and hot this season. It's not a guarantee for the lefties (look at David Price's 2016), but it could happen.

I'm not exactly hoping for the Red Sox to go all the way, but I'm at least hoping Chris Sale can.

Coming Tomorrow- Someone who needs to make a comeback in 2017, or else me posting a custom of him in the first week is gonna seem rather foolish.

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