Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Training Trip Part #3: Orioles vs. Red Sox 3/20/17

...Yes, this has taken me awhile, but I've had a very, very, VERY busy March.

I might as well get this last one out of the way, because it's the last of the three Spring Training games, as it's just as important as the last few. This one...also had Red Sox in it.

This was a few Mondays ago, my last day in Fort Myers, so fittingly my father, my uncle and I went to the nearest park to us, the Red Sox' facility in Fort Myers. The thing about this park is that they tried their damnedest to mimic the Fenway Park experience. This one was well-attended, complete with some 'state-of-the-art' elements, a statue of Big Papi made out of lego, and a facsimile green monster.

I was wearing an Orioles cap. I wasn't gonna root for the Sox. Not again.

Sadly, we got some pretty depleted rosters on both sides. Hyun-Soo Kim and Pedro Alvarez were the only starters for Baltimore, while only Kung Fu Panda, Mookie Betts, Han-Ram, Jackie Bradley and Sandy Leon were here for Boston. Hell, Wade Miley didn't even pitch- the O's brought in Vidal Nuno, which didn't especially work out too well for them.

THESE, BY THE WAY...were our seats. A few rows behind home plate, with plenty of leg room and a pretty amazing view. Not as good as our seats from the Twins game (thanks again to that friendly veterinarian), but still pretty fantastic. Hyun-Soo Kim was seen here warming up.

In terms of the actual game...I'd like to say that this was an evenly-matched staredown like the Twins-Sox game, but it wasn't. The O's barely showed up...and this is mainly because none of the Orioles actually showed up. The Sox, meanwhile, were phenomenal, with some great hitting from Sandy Leon, Hanley Ramirez, and more home runs guessed it, PABLO SANDOVAL. The big man is back in a big way, and this Spring is proving it.

It didn't help that the pitching was pretty futile- Kyle Kendrick was on the mound for Boston, and did well enough, but...again, he's Kyle Kendrick. Nuno was pretty feeble, as were most of the Baltimore relievers. It wasn't memorable, aside from a ton of runs from Boston.

I had to leave this game a bit earlier than I would have liked, but I still enjoyed it. The park was nice, it was a beautiful day, and it was baseball. That, for a few days back there, was exactly what I needed.

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